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Relationships Between Characters


I’m a bit behind schedule for this post. It’s my own fault. I was away from my laptop but I knew I would be, and failed to get this finished quite in time. And I’ll be honest, it really isn’t worth the wait. It’s just me rambling as usual, though I’ve tried to keep a bit of a structure to it.

This post isn’t about writing romantic relationships, or any one specific type of relationship. It’s really about deciding how well different characters do or not get on, and how readers may respond to that. For the sake of structure, this post will stick to three categories; relationships between different heroes, between heroes and villains, and between different villains. Not all characters qualify as either, and I don’t explore every single possibility within each category, so it’s not comprehensive. But sometimes my posts ramble off into an entirely different subject to what they started out as, and I have to change the title. I’ve avoided that, at least, on this occasion.

So, relationships between heroes. Most stories do have multiple heroes, be it one main one with others supporting, or two or three main ones. And they’ll usually interact at some point, even if they don’t work together as a group, so the various heroes will end up forming some sort of relationships with eachother, even if there was nothing pre-existing. Which there often is.

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Poetry – You Broke Me

You broke me,
I was a glass
That you threw against the wall.
You broke me,
And now you think
That I should forget it all.

You broke me
You wouldn’t stop
You tore me into shreds,
You broke me
And now I’ve got
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Crookrise Crag

I climbed Crookrise Crag last month. I think I should have made this post a bit earlier, but I’ve been focusing on a writing project and I wanted to get a good chunk of that done. But it’s here now.

Crookrise Crag is next to Embsay Crag, which I’ve done a post about. I can’t find anything on the name, and I’m not going to make any guesses because I’ve found that names don’t always come from where you think, even when it seems obvious. But the name does suit the hill.

The crag is apparently good for climbing. Not being a rock climber, I can’t offer my opinion on that, but I felt I should mention it. And I also feel I should mention that dogs aren’t allowed up there. Dogs aren’t allowed on Barden Moor in general, except for the bridleway and maybe a few other paths, but the one that goes up Crookrise is not one of said paths. And Barden Moor is used for grouse hunting, and sometimes shut off. I’m not sure how Crookrise specifically is affected, but when walking on Barden Moor, it’s worth checking if you actually can first.

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Poetry – Liar

We all know that I’m a liar,
We all know that I’m a cheat,
I’m the least trustworthy person
That you’ll ever likely meet.
Yes, I know that I’m a liar,
And I know you know it too,
But what can you do about it?
You need me, I don’t need you.

And so now you’ve got to trust me
And you’ve got to let me in,
You’ve got to tell me all your plans,
You all need my help to win.
But go on, hate me all you like;
I expect no less than that.
I want all of you to feel free
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Buckden Pike

Buckden is a village in North Yorkshire, and Buckden Pike is the hill that stands beside it. ‘Buckden’ comes from words meaning ‘he-goat’ and ‘valley’. There’s a route up the Pike direct from the village car park, which is the route I went up and down by when I climbed it earlier this month.

There’s not a great deal to say about the beginning of this walk. You leave the car park by the track that’s heading out of it and just stick to that for a long time. It’s nice and straightforward, no risk of getting confused.

And it is just generally very pleasant to walk. You rise pretty fast, so it’s great views from the get go. For a while you’re walking with a steep slope on either side of the path, going up on the right and down on the left. Being my easily amused self, I like seeing trees growing on slopes like that, slightly slanted.

After a bit you reach a wall running alongside the left of the path, but it’s not a high wall so you can see over it, if you want to keep taking the views in.

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