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Poetry – People Like Us

People like us shouldn’t bother with friends
People like us look out for our own ends.
We don’t think about what’s nice, right or fair
We do what we want, we simply don’t care
What anybody who’s watching us thinks
That we’re evil or mental, gone over the brink

People like us never ever show fear
People like us can push back all the tears
We’re happy to tell people bare faced lies
We’re just great at it, can’t say I know why.
We don’t get put off by what people say
All that matters to us is getting our own way

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Malham Tarn Moss

This is a walk I did in mid-April. It’s only a little walk – though it can be done as part of a longer walk – but it’s very charming. It’s a little trail around Tarn Moss, a boggy area near Malham Tarn.

Tarn Moss is a nature reserve, because apparently the plant life there is quite special. You’re not allowed to walk on the ground, there’s a wooden walkway to go on instead, and signs telling you not to step off it. I don’t think a sensible person would anyway. Some bits of the bog are straight out pools of water, and while I don’t know what the drier looking bits are like, I wouldn’t want to test it. It must be relatively firm in some bits because we saw some deer, but still. Best to stick to the walkway regardless of conservation efforts, bogs are not to be trusted.

For some reason, I have a real liking for walkways like this one. I just like the way they look against the landscape, so I enjoyed walking around here.

So there’s not much directions I can give, you just follow the walkway. There’s two ways onto it, one very close to the tarn, one off the road further away. We went through the latter. From here, there’s a little loop around what seemed like the wettest area. I admit, I didn’t see anything that particularly interested me in this bit. I believe that the plant life is important, but it all just looked like a load of brown. It was pretty, but as I’ve said before, I’m spoilt when it comes to countryside, so I find it hard to express my appreciation. But I do appreciate it.

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Art – January to April 2017

It is once again time for me to dump a load of pictures from my scrapbooks and sketchbooks onto my blog, while squinting to see if I have made any kind of minuscule improvements. If I have this time, then they’re so minuscule even I can’t really see them. But I had fun doing the drawings, and I want to be a writer, not an artist, so I’m not too fussed. It’s nice to see improvement, but it’s not a big deal if there isn’t any.

Any, that’s enough justifying myself. Here’s the selection of pictures from my scrapbook:


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Victoria Cave

While we were staying in Settle we went for a walk up to Victoria Cave. We didn’t actually go from Settle – you can, but we didn’t. We went from Langcliffe, a village some way down the road from Settle. It’s one of those villages that’s all on one side of a road, other than the odd outlying building. There’s a little car park in front of what used to be the village school, and is still recognisable as such, and to the right of this car park is a road leading up and out of Langcliffe.

You go up this road. You can park in the car park and walk up, or park further up. Depends on how far you want to walk. It is quite some way up the road, and it does climb. What you’re looking for is a bit where the road bends and there’s a track going off to the right, where there is space for parking. You go along this track.

And it’s a very clear path from here. Just go along the track, through a gate, and then along the edge of a large field.

There’s not really a lot I can say. You’re just following the track. I think the field is quite interesting to look at, as far as fields go. This is an area with a lot of limestone, and it’s very visible as you’re walking along. It adds a lot of character to the landscape.

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I recently spent a few days in Settle, a market town in North Yorkshire. I know it very well, so it was a bit weird to be staying there, but nice. It also feels a bit odd to be writing about it here, but I don’t really know why. I don’t know why I don’t write about places I know when I’m OK to write about random places I’ve only seen for a few days.

Yeah, I’ll probably do that at some point.

I’m splitting this break into two posts. Well, three if you count the photo post. One for the town itself and one for a walk we did.

So, the name Settle comes from ‘Settlement’, which is pretty self-explanatory. As I said, it’s in North Yorkshire, in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s on the River Ribble, and attached to another town called Giggleswick. It’s one of those situations where it’s two separate places, but if you took away all the identifying signage no-one would ever guess that. I don’t know where the boundary is. I’d have thought it was the river, because it usually is, and the Settle sign is on the bridge, but then you’ve got Settle swimming pool and Settle college on what should be the Giggleswick side. So either the sign is lying or Settle is encroaching beyond its boundaries.

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Poetry – The Wild

You were only a small child
When they took you from the wild,
They cleaned you up, brought you inside,
They did their best, they really tried
To make you better, fix the damage
They did as much as they could manage,
They kept you safe and kept you warm
They kept you sheltered from the storms.

You were safe but not content;
Even though to some extent
You realised, you understood
This really was for your own good
You couldn’t adjust, this just felt wrong
You felt like you never could belong.
But even so, you really tried
To stem the storms brewing inside.

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