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Poetry – Shadows

There’s shadows sat behind your smile
Flickering in your eyes
I’ve always heard them in your voice
Although you rarely cry.

You’ve always stayed a little close
Held me a bit too tight
And at the slightest hint of threat
You’ve been ready to fight.

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Skipton Castle

Skipton Castle 1

Whenever I go on holiday and visit a castle I will always write about said castle, sometimes giving it its own post, and yet I’ve never written a post about my closest castle, despite having visited it a few times in the last few years, and sharing some of the photos from those visits. That strikes me as a bit stupid, so as I visited again recently, I thought I’d rectify things.

Skipton is a town in North Yorkshire, right at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Skipton Castle is extremely well preserved. It’s still inhabited, so only a chunk of it is open to the public, but it’s a big chunk, and it’s all still there. There’s plenty to see.

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Pendle Sculpture Trail

The Pendle Sculpture Trail is a series of sculptures near the village of Barley, in Pendle. I’m bad at opening posts so I thought I’d start this one with a redundant statement. I haven’t done a map like I did with the last walking post, because I had a little bit of difficulty with it. I will probably do them again in future though.

Anyway, this walk was longer than I had anticipated. It’s not long, but the actual trail is a bit out of Barley and it’s a decent walk to get there. And there’s lots of great views along the way, so it would be a really nice walk even without the sculpture trail.

Barley is also the standard starting point for climbing Pendle Hill – not the shorter route I’ve written about – so there’s a good sized carpark. That’s a good starting point.

A path leads you out of the carpark, through a field and along the beck, and deposits you in the middle of the village. Then you continue along the main road until you’re at the edge of the village. The road bends to the left, and at the bend another road comes off and you go up this other road. You stick to this road, which takes you right out of the village.

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Walk Around Langcliffe

Langcliffe Map

This post is about a walk around Langcliffe, a little village in the Yorkshire Dales. As you can see, I have attempted to draw out the route on a map – or two, in fact. I don’t know if I’ve got it exactly right, but the general gist is there. And I used the satellite image rather than an actual map because I personally find them easier to work with, and this is my personal blog. I don’t know if it’s actually helpful.

But this isn’t a proper walking blog. If you do feel like doing any of the walks I describe you should definitely check the route with a better source first.

So, you start in the village car park, which is always a handy place to start a walk. Leading out is a little lane going out of the village. You walk some way along there, before climbing over a stile on the left-hand side into a field. Then it’s across the fields, continuing in the same general direction, until the path turns into more of a track, which goes through a gate. Langcliffe is on the railway – though it doesn’t have a station – and by this point you’ve been running parallel with the line for a while, but now is when you really end up next to it.

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