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Poetry – I Hope You Knew

I hope you knew I loved you,
That you really understood
Once you were gone I’d miss you more
Than I’d have ever thought I could.

I’ve cried until my throat is raw,
And the tears have made me blind.
It’s been years since I saw you last
But you’re still clear in my mind.
I could live a thousand lifetimes
And I’m sure that I’d still see
Your face each time I close my eyes
Dream you’re living them with me.

I know that I messed things up
I never said I loved you,
But I swear that I truly did
I only hope somehow you knew.

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Poetry – Reflection

I’m not like you, I’ll never be
We’re totally different, we are!
I’m not exactly nice, I know
You’ve left me with my scars.
But I’m not as bad as you
Say what you want, I know that’s true.

I’m not like you, not really,
OK, we’re a bit the same
I learnt quite a lot from you,
And that makes me sick with shame
So if people see you in me
I can’t entirely disagree

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