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Poetry – Magnificent

You could have been magnificent
Something more than the world had seen,
You could have been so beautiful
There’s nothing you couldn’t have been.
You’ve got something inside of you
There’s a flame burning in your heart
A flame that’s always clung to life
And could have been a roaring fire,
If only you’d had the right start.

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Poetry – Don’t You Wish?

Don’t you wish you could say
I can’t help being this way,
Don’t you wish I was mad
Not just rotten and bad?
I bet you wish with all your heart
I simply didn’t understand
What’s fine to do and what’s plain wrong
And that’s why I don’t stop my hand.

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Poetry – Battlescars

Everyone else is scared of you
Trust me, I see what they see,
You are the person that you are
However that came to be
You’re cold and tough,
You’re battered, rough
You don’t know the meaning of enough,
You’ve got a reputation
You’re frightening and hard
You’re everything that people think
‘Cause you’ve got battlescars.

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Poetry – If You Were Here

If you were here instead of me,
You’d be doing life so much better than me.
You were a diamond and I’m cut glass
You’d always excel while I just pass
You were a star burning blindingly bright
I was a moon that reflected your light.
If you were here instead of me
You’d have the whole world lying at your feet.

If you were here instead of me
I know you’d say that I’m being too hard on me;
You’d tell me that I’m a precious gem
You’d tell me I’d be brilliant when
I’d got a bit polished, a bit less rough,
And till then I was more than good enough
With charm and my share of talents,
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Poetry – First and Foremost

I’ve been loved and hated too
I’ve been remade a time or two,
I’ve been called good, but mostly bad
Then sometimes brilliant, sometimes mad.
I’ve made and torn apart my bed
I’ve had my heart ripped into shreds
I’ve known true happiness and I
Have had times I wanted to die,
I’ve been so much that I’ve lost track
But I do know, before all that,
First and foremost I was yours

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Poetry – Liar

We all know that I’m a liar,
We all know that I’m a cheat,
I’m the least trustworthy person
That you’ll ever likely meet.
Yes, I know that I’m a liar,
And I know you know it too,
But what can you do about it?
You need me, I don’t need you.

And so now you’ve got to trust me
And you’ve got to let me in,
You’ve got to tell me all your plans,
You all need my help to win.
But go on, hate me all you like;
I expect no less than that.
I want all of you to feel free
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