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Poetry – Right Behind Me

I saw monsters everywhere
Under the bed, beneath the stairs
In the cupboards and the drawers
Behind each curtain and each door,
I saw monsters inside and out
But they weren’t something to worry about
Because you said I’d always be safe,
As long as you were standing right behind me.

I knew I’d never have to be scared;
While you were with me no monsters dared
To ever come anywhere near me –
That was the reason I’d never see
Anything more than the slightest trace,
Only a shadow, never a face
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Poetry – That’s Not Me

I’ll never be a hero
No matter how hard I try
Because I can’t find the best solutions
I don’t even get the little things right,
And I’ve given it my all
I’ve given it my best shot
I’ve tried all I can think to try
But I can’t be something I’m not.
I wish I wasn’t how I am,
I really do wish I could be
Someone who does a lot of good
But that’s just not me

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