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Poetry – Taunt

Forget about your family
And everyone else you knew,
Let go of them, forget them all
They’ve long forgotten you.

You probably made loads of plans
Thought of all the things you’d go see,
Those plans don’t matter anymore;
Now your life is here with me

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Poetry – People Like Us

People like us shouldn’t bother with friends
People like us look out for our own ends.
We don’t think about what’s nice, right or fair
We do what we want, we simply don’t care
What anybody who’s watching us thinks
That we’re evil or mental, gone over the brink

People like us never ever show fear
People like us can push back all the tears
We’re happy to tell people bare faced lies
We’re just great at it, can’t say I know why.
We don’t get put off by what people say
All that matters to us is getting our own way

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Poetry – The Wild

You were only a small child
When they took you from the wild,
They cleaned you up, brought you inside,
They did their best, they really tried
To make you better, fix the damage
They did as much as they could manage,
They kept you safe and kept you warm
They kept you sheltered from the storms.

You were safe but not content;
Even though to some extent
You realised, you understood
This really was for your own good
You couldn’t adjust, this just felt wrong
You felt like you never could belong.
But even so, you really tried
To stem the storms brewing inside.

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Poetry – Monster

They said that you were a monster
That you were crazy, mad
They told me you were dangerous
And that that made you glad.
And you stood there like a sculpture,
Set apart and alone
With tense shoulders and hands in fists,
Your face was set in stone

But as I looked closer at you
I saw something else there
You were angry, you were bitter,
But mostly, you were scared.
You were tense, alert and ready
But not to fight – to flee
It was clear once you took a look,
But no-one cared to see

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