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Poetry – Liar

We all know that I’m a liar,
We all know that I’m a cheat,
I’m the least trustworthy person
That you’ll ever likely meet.
Yes, I know that I’m a liar,
And I know you know it too,
But what can you do about it?
You need me, I don’t need you.

And so now you’ve got to trust me
And you’ve got to let me in,
You’ve got to tell me all your plans,
You all need my help to win.
But go on, hate me all you like;
I expect no less than that.
I want all of you to feel free
To complain behind my back. Continue reading “Poetry – Liar”

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Poetry – One Reason


Give me one reason to love you, please
Let me offer some kind of defense
When people ask why I care for you,
I don’t care if it even makes sense

I just want some justification,
Can’t you manage one little act?
Or even a nice word would do it
One tiny redeeming fact.

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Poetry – I Hope You Knew

I hope you knew I loved you,
That you really understood
Once you were gone I’d miss you more
Than I’d have ever thought I could.

I’ve cried until my throat is raw,
And the tears have made me blind.
It’s been years since I saw you last
But you’re still clear in my mind.
I could live a thousand lifetimes
And I’m sure that I’d still see
Your face each time I close my eyes
Dream you’re living them with me.

I know that I messed things up
I never said I loved you,
But I swear that I truly did
I only hope somehow you knew.

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Poetry – Reflection

I’m not like you, I’ll never be
We’re totally different, we are!
I’m not exactly nice, I know
You’ve left me with my scars.
But I’m not as bad as you
Say what you want, I know that’s true.

I’m not like you, not really,
OK, we’re a bit the same
I learnt quite a lot from you,
And that makes me sick with shame
So if people see you in me
I can’t entirely disagree

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