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Poetry – Shadows

There’s shadows sat behind your smile
Flickering in your eyes
I’ve always heard them in your voice
Although you rarely cry.

You’ve always stayed a little close
Held me a bit too tight
And at the slightest hint of threat
You’ve been ready to fight.

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Poetry – The Dark

You weren’t born with dark inside
You were born a burning sun
One I thought would never burn out;
You were always the strong one.

You weren’t born with dark inside
You were born a shining star
A brilliant, constant beacon,
At the moment, you still are.

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Poetry – People Like Us

People like us shouldn’t bother with friends
People like us look out for our own ends.
We don’t think about what’s nice, right or fair
We do what we want, we simply don’t care
What anybody who’s watching us thinks
That we’re evil or mental, gone over the brink

People like us never ever show fear
People like us can push back all the tears
We’re happy to tell people bare faced lies
We’re just great at it, can’t say I know why.
We don’t get put off by what people say
All that matters to us is getting our own way

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