Poetry – Lies

Don’t tell me that you love me
We both know that’s a lie.
Don’t say you’d do anything,
You wouldn’t even try.
Don’t claim you’d give the world to be
With me, it isn’t true,
Don’t say you’ll spend your life with me,
Because that’s just not you.


Ending a Story

In which I ramble about the different types of endings a story can have, and my thoughts on them. I have expressed some of these thoughts previously, I realise that. But they fit here too.

I guess the most obvious thing to bring up is happy vs not-so-happy vs downright depressing endings. I am the sort to like happy, or at least happyish endings. My thinking is that books are a form of entertainment, and I like my entertainment to leave me in a good mood. But different people like different things, and I can appreciate a well written downbeat ending.

I think what’s really important is that the ending feels like something that has actually been worked towards. Much as I prefer happy endings, if I’m reading a book and it’s just dark and depressing right up until the last page and then suddenly it’s all happy, then that’s a bit rubbish. And on the flipside, things shouldn’t just go depressing at the end for the sake of being edgy. Yes, I know in real life stuff happens out of nowhere, fortunes can change very suddenly, but fiction isn’t real life. Narratives generally – I say generally because I rarely like to dismiss something entirely out of hand – require some sort of conclusion, and for it to be a satisfying one, it has to feel worked towards. Just because something can happen in reality, doesn’t mean it can work in a story. I feel this applies especially when it comes right at the end and you don’t have to deal so much with the fallout. That’s the difference; a story has a conclusion, reality just keeps on going.


Summer 2016 Part 1

I’m doing this in two parts because I have rather a lot of photos I’ve picked out to upload. Over a hundred, and I don’t want to put that many in one post. It is not just a shameless attempt to increase the number of posts on this blog – I grant I’m not above that, but on this occasion I really just feel it’s too much for one post.

But I’m doing both posts today, because I count summer as June to August, and then I like to get these posts done by the end of the following month, and that ends today. I’m just in under the line I set myself.

So I’d better get going.

To begin with, a wander around Grass Wood, near Grassington. This was the site of an iron age settlement and a fort. I went to the part where the fort was, but not the settlement. It wasn’t a serious exploration, just a wander.

Grass Woods 1


Poetry – Admission

I can’t say I know why I do what I do,
It’s not like I’ve got any issues with you.
I guess that the truth is I simply don’t care,
I don’t care how you feel, or if I’m being fair.
So what if I hurt you, if I get my way?
I’m all that I care for, what else can I say?
I don’t do what I do out of anger or spite,
I just don’t care what’s wrong and I don’t care what’s right.