Poetry – The Door

I want to close the door to my heart
I want to barricade it.
No arrow, bullet nor poison dart
Will ever get inside.
I don’t want anyone else to love
Anymore people to lose,
I wish I could ignore people’s shoves
And never let them in.

But someone always slips inside
Somebody always breaks through
I want to stay cold, but I guess
I’ll always be a fool.

Lake District 2016

Back in April I spent a week in Bowness-on-Windermere (there’s another Bowness in England – in the same county, in fact), something I was thrilled about because Bowness really does have a special place in my heart. When I was little my family used to go there all the time, multiple times a year. We’ve been on the odd visit since then, but never a proper holiday. I was happy to go back there.

Bowness-on-Windermere is a town in the Lake District that is sat, unsurprisingly, on the shore of Windermere, the largest lake in England. Although for some reason all the signs boasted it as being the largest lake in the Lake District. It’s long and narrow in shape; apparently the correct term is a ‘ribbon lake’. I always like looking at maps of the Lake District because it is just so much bigger than the other lakes, and… well, for some reason that gives me slight amusement. A lot of things give me slight amusement, I’m not a difficult person to entertain.


Poetry – Ghost

I don’t believe in ghosts,
And I know I’ll never see
Any trace or phantom of you,
You’ll never be here with me.
But I feel like you are
And it’s always been that way.
Your ghost is hanging over me,
I feel it every day.


Spring 2016

I’m a little on the late side with this one, I think, but I’m just about in under the time limit I set myself for the season posts.

I made myself a little schedule for my blog posts, and so far I’ve completely failed to keep up to date.

Well, I guess I could be worse.

Anyway, photos from Spring. And I’m actually putting them in chronological order for once, that’s something. So first, here’s a few of some March snow, in the town of Earby, and along the Leeds-Liverpool canal between Foulridge and Salterforth:

Snow in Earby Snow on Canal 2


Hardraw and Bolton Castle

A bit ago I stayed a couple of nights in the village of Hardraw, and that’s probably not really worthy of its own post, but it’s getting its own post. But it is just going to be one post, doing a separate photos post would be too blatant an act of padding for me to do it.

So, Hardraw. According to the internet it’s actually a hamlet, and admittedly it’s very small. There’s not very much at all in Hardraw.

But what there is, is a waterfall. Hardraw Force, the highest single drop waterfall in England. The drop is one hundred feet. There’s a small charge to go see the waterfall, but it is worth it. I went to see it twice while I was there. The first time the river was overflowing a bit, so there was a lot of water in the waterfall. It doesn’t really come across in the pictures I have – that’s probably just the limitations of my and my camera’s capabilities – but it was pretty impressive. You got hit by the mist while you were still barely anywhere near the actual fall.

There was less water the next day, but it’s always going to be an impressive sight. Made it easier for taking pictures too, not having to wipe the lens every few seconds. I’m sure there’s something you could get to negate that problem, but I’m not really an enthusiast, I just have my cheap (by camera standards) camera and pretend I’m a photographer.

Anyway, here’s the waterfall;

Hardraw Force 1


Poetry – Lost

You really do love me,
I know that that’s true.
If anything hurt me
That would destroy you.
That’s the truth and I know it,
That you truly love me.
But when you look at my face
He’s the one that you see.