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Poetry – Liar

We all know that I’m a liar,
We all know that I’m a cheat,
I’m the least trustworthy person
That you’ll ever likely meet.
Yes, I know that I’m a liar,
And I know you know it too,
But what can you do about it?
You need me, I don’t need you.

And so now you’ve got to trust me
And you’ve got to let me in,
You’ve got to tell me all your plans,
You all need my help to win.
But go on, hate me all you like;
I expect no less than that.
I want all of you to feel free
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Buckden Pike

Buckden is a village in North Yorkshire, and Buckden Pike is the hill that stands beside it. ‘Buckden’ comes from words meaning ‘he-goat’ and ‘valley’. There’s a route up the Pike direct from the village car park, which is the route I went up and down by when I climbed it earlier this month.

There’s not a great deal to say about the beginning of this walk. You leave the car park by the track that’s heading out of it and just stick to that for a long time. It’s nice and straightforward, no risk of getting confused.

And it is just generally very pleasant to walk. You rise pretty fast, so it’s great views from the get go. For a while you’re walking with a steep slope on either side of the path, going up on the right and down on the left. Being my easily amused self, I like seeing trees growing on slopes like that, slightly slanted.

After a bit you reach a wall running alongside the left of the path, but it’s not a high wall so you can see over it, if you want to keep taking the views in.

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Boulsworth Hill

Boulsworth Hill is in Pendle, in Lancashire, but very close to the Yorkshire border. It’s not the most popular hill; I climbed it on a Bank Holiday, and there was barely anyone about. I suppose when people think about climbing a hill in Pendle, the obvious choice is Pendle Hill. Boulsworth is a bit smaller, but probably more difficult; the paths are not as well defined, and in some parts it is impossible to entirely avoid bog.

To be honest, it knocked me for six a bit. I’ve done bigger and more strenuous hills and mountains in my life, but this was the most difficult walk I’ve done for some time and I underestimated it a little. I have climbed it before but not for several years, and I didn’t have very clear memories of it. But it was a rewarding experience, even if I wasn’t feeling great.

The name ‘Boulsworth’ may come from a word meaning ‘bull’s neck’, apparently because of a ridge that somehow resembles that. I’ve not seen it myself but I haven’t studied the hill. The summit is called Lad Law.

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