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Poetry – I Hope You Knew

I hope you knew I loved you,
That you really understood
Once you were gone I’d miss you more
Than I’d have ever thought I could.

I’ve cried until my throat is raw,
And the tears have made me blind.
It’s been years since I saw you last
But you’re still clear in my mind.
I could live a thousand lifetimes
And I’m sure that I’d still see
Your face each time I close my eyes
Dream you’re living them with me.

I know that I messed things up
I never said I loved you,
But I swear that I truly did
I only hope somehow you knew.

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I was struggling a lot to come up with a subject for this post, so I spent a minute listing everything that came to mind and then picked out the topics that most captured my interest. This was one of them. So that’s how this post came to be.

A retelling is taking an existing story and putting some kind of twist on it. Typically, it’s of a myth or fairytale, or a classic that’s passed into the public domain. I was mostly thinking of the latter type when writing this post, so some what I say might not necessarily apply to the former. Of course, you can retell a more recent story, but you probably won’t be able to publish it.

Also, I’m referring to works that are actually billed as retellings, not just stories that reflect older ones, having the same themes and plot elements. In some cases, these can be considered retellings, but they’re not what I’m talking about here. Some of the points do still apply though.

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Poetry – Reflection

I’m not like you, I’ll never be
We’re totally different, we are!
I’m not exactly nice, I know
You’ve left me with my scars.
But I’m not as bad as you
Say what you want, I know that’s true.

I’m not like you, not really,
OK, we’re a bit the same
I learnt quite a lot from you,
And that makes me sick with shame
So if people see you in me
I can’t entirely disagree

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Mary Sues

I’ve tried to do a post on Mary Sues a few times, but it’s never really happened. I was never quite sure how because it’s quite a debated subject. The label has often been misused and not everyone believes it’s a thing at all. I’m very firmly on the side that it is, but as I say, I think it’s been applied to a lot of characters it really doesn’t apply to.

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus what exactly constitutes a Mary Sue. The basic idea is it’s a character that is idealised to the point of being treated like they’re perfect, but I don’t know if there’s a single character who’s been accused of being a Sue that wouldn’t have defenders.

In this post I will lay out what I think one is, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would disagree with me. But I think that’s the only way I can do this post, just go through what I think the traits are. Some of my wording may seem odd but that’s because I want to be precise about what I mean.

So I’ll try this.

1 – The character has not been written to have any significant flaws

I’ve seen people accuse characters of being Sues while also pointing out their flaws, which seems contradictory. But usually they’re pointing out flaws which clearly weren’t intentional on the writer’s part. If they’re unintentional then they can’t really be used as a defence against being a Sue. So if they come across as very selfish, while everything in the narrative makes it seem readers are supposed to see them as selfless, then they may still validly be called a Sue.

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