Janet’s Foss

This is a very familiar walk for me, I’ve done it so many times in my life. Although, actually, the last time I did it, in December, we took a different route back to usual. But, basically.

Janet’s Foss is a waterfall near Malham, a very nice village in North Yorkshire. Its most famous feature is Malham Cove, which is a big limestone cliff that thousands of years ago was a waterfall – in fact, it briefly became a waterfall again during last winter’s floods, which I didn’t personally see, but I saw pictures, and it was impressive – not that it isn’t usually impressive. You can see it from far away, if you’re high up enough, it’s something you can pick out.

We didn’t actually go to look at the cove this time round. Usually when we go to Janet’s Foss we do come back over it, but this time we went back along the road instead.


Cayton Bay 2016

I’m trying to get four posts done each month this year, but I think I could do with not taking it right up to the final day in future. But, technically, I’m on track.

Anyway, another trip to Cayton Bay. It has become a regular thing. We only went for a few days this time, and in Autumn rather than summer. A lot of things were closed. But the beach and the cliffs and nature in general was still there to enjoy, so we did that. Since I’ve rambled about Cayton Bay and the surrounding area in previous posts, I won’t go on about it again, except for places I hadn’t been before, and where I think I might have some new observation to make. This post will include photos too, because I don’t think I’ve got enough content to make two posts.

So here’s some photos of Cayton Bay itself to begin with:

Above Cayton Bay 4 Pillbox 6


Clapham Nature Trail

When I first started this blog, I did a couple of posts about walks I’ve been on. I haven’t done one of those for quite some time, but I intend to start doing them again as a semi-regular thing, since I do live in a very nice part of the country, and go walking quite a bit.

So, this post is about Clapham Nature Trail, which I went for a walk along in November. It’s not a long walk, but there’s a lot of pretty and interesting things to see along the way.
So first of all, Clapham is a little village in the Yorkshire Dales. The trail leads out of the village and goes up to Ingleborough Cave – it’s the only way up if you want to visit the cave. I did not visit the cave, it’s not open at this time of year. They’ve made it as accessible as possible, the path is well maintained. There’s a small toll to walk along it, but it is small. They could get away with charging a bit more, to be honest. But that’s nothing to complain about.


Poetry – Free

You said that you’d break me out,
Release me, set me free.
You’d swoop in on your white horse
And ride away with me.

You said you’d undo the ties
That held me in my place,
You would get me out of there
We’d leave without a trace.


Art – September to December 2016

Time for my regular art dump post, in which I post a load of pictures from my scrapbook and sketchbooks. And since it’s the end of a year, that means extra pictures as I try to convince myself and others that I have made more than miniscule progress.

I’ve still not got to drawings rooms and landscapes on any regular enough basis that I’m any good at it though, so it’s still just characters. I think I’ve got a bit better, but it’s a very gradual improvement. I’ve started using references more often. I don’t feel entirely comfortable using photos I didn’t take as references and then sharing the pictures – as some of the ones I did that for have made it into here. But I think that’s probably silly, seeing as I’m not attempting to profit off it. My main motivation in doing these art posts is to have content on this blog.

Anyway, this is an art post, so I shouldn’t ramble. First off, as ever, selections of drawings for each month from my scrapbook.



Isle of Mull

Tobermory 2

I spent a week in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in August, here I shall ramble about that. Yes, it’s rather late, I got quite a lot of planned posts which all piled up, and then in November I was doing NaNoWriMo and didn’t post anything other than already finished poetry.

So there’s my excuses. On with the post.

It was a good week, Mull is a lovely place. There was a lot of rain while we were there, but that wasn’t exactly surprising. I think if I went somewhere known for being hot and calm in the summer and it was pouring it down the whole time I’d be annoyed, but Scotland is not such a place.

We had a very early start on the way, as we were doing it all in one trip. We drove up to Oban and got the ferry across to Craignure, and I think we were in Tobermory by early afternoon.