Art – September to December 2016

Time for my regular art dump post, in which I post a load of pictures from my scrapbook and sketchbooks. And since it’s the end of a year, that means extra pictures as I try to convince myself and others that I have made more than miniscule progress.

I’ve still not got to drawings rooms and landscapes on any regular enough basis that I’m any good at it though, so it’s still just characters. I think I’ve got a bit better, but it’s a very gradual improvement. I’ve started using references more often. I don’t feel entirely comfortable using photos I didn’t take as references and then sharing the pictures – as some of the ones I did that for have made it into here. But I think that’s probably silly, seeing as I’m not attempting to profit off it. My main motivation in doing these art posts is to have content on this blog.

Anyway, this is an art post, so I shouldn’t ramble. First off, as ever, selections of drawings for each month from my scrapbook.



Isle of Mull

Tobermory 2

I spent a week in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull in August, here I shall ramble about that. Yes, it’s rather late, I got quite a lot of planned posts which all piled up, and then in November I was doing NaNoWriMo and didn’t post anything other than already finished poetry.

So there’s my excuses. On with the post.

It was a good week, Mull is a lovely place. There was a lot of rain while we were there, but that wasn’t exactly surprising. I think if I went somewhere known for being hot and calm in the summer and it was pouring it down the whole time I’d be annoyed, but Scotland is not such a place.

We had a very early start on the way, as we were doing it all in one trip. We drove up to Oban and got the ferry across to Craignure, and I think we were in Tobermory by early afternoon.


Poetry – Best Wishes

I wish you all you’re dreaming of,
The fortune and the fame.
And legions of adoring fans,
To chant and shout your name.

You’ll be the media darling,
Who can’t do any wrong.
You’ll act, you’ll write, have perfect looks,
And nail every song.


Poetry – Betrayal

I trusted you, right from the start
My heart was in your hands
I trusted you, and didn’t doubt
About the way you felt.
I thought you’d be there to catch me
And see I needed you
You told me that you’d always care
Be there when things went wrong.