Poetry – Caged

You never were a prisoner,
I never locked the door.
I didn’t shut you in a cell
What would I do that for?

Whatever you’re remembering,
You know you’ve got it wrong.
I didn’t force you in a cage,
And try to stop your song.



Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve done a writing post. I’ve tried to write this one a few times in the past, because romance is a very popular subject across I think probably all media, so if I’m writing about writing I think I probably ought to write about my thoughts on romance in fiction. But I find those thoughts very hard to express because, honestly, I’m not entirely sure what they are. Once upon a day I despised romance, if it ever popped up in a book I was reading that would automatically be a mark against said book in my mind. In retrospect, I think I was probably just a bit bored of it popping up in basically every book I ever read, because a) it’s very popular to begin with, and b) I was an adolescent girl then, so I think books aimed at me were probably even more afflicted.

Anyway, I don’t mind it nowadays. I still think it’s a bit overused, I don’t think every story with a romance included necessarily benefits from it. Some, I think, are greatly weakened. Although I feel a bit hypocritical saying that, because I do sometimes find myself injecting romance into my own works now, if I find myself looking at two characters and thinking that actually they really would go well together. Recently I’ve even found myself with an idea for a flat out romance novel, and really wanting to write it, which isn’t something I thought I’d ever do. Although a romance novel is very different to a book with romance in it. You can just avoid a romance novel if you don’t want to read that. There’s one of my insights.
Anyway, I’ve decided that the way I’m most likely to get this post done will be to just sort of ramble about various plotlines and ideas that tend to pop up quite often with romantic plotlines.


Summer 2015

Bit late, I know. I knew it was going to be; I had other posts to do that I wanted to do before this one, and I am something of a procrastinator, but I think it could have been worse.

Anyway, I’ll get on with it now. Photos from the summer.

First, a wander through the village of Bank Newton and along its stretch of canal, with its many locks. I’ve never seen so many locks, you’ll be approaching one and another one will come into view beyond it. I haven’t uploaded pictures of all the different ones, just the photos I liked best, but you can what I mean in some of them:

Bank Newton 1Bank Newton 3 (more…)


Very shortly after returning from Cayton Bay, we went to Blackpool for a few days. I have a tendency towards buying a few too many little cheap ornaments and keyrings and magnets and stuff, so this was a good place for me to go. Well, it wasn’t in a sense, because I have a bit of a problem and a finite amount of spaces in my room where I can put all this stuff. But in another sense, I really like buying tat. At least it’s not an expensive shopping addiction.

Me and my mum went up Blackpool Tower. I’m a bit scared of heights, but I’m scared of a lot of things, so I can’t really use that as a reason not to do things too often. I think getting a camera helped with the fear of heights. I go places I might not otherwise have gone so that I can get more pictures. Plus, if you’re going somewhere famous for its tower, I think I at the least am the kind of person who would be annoyed at myself if I didn’t go up said tower.