To state the obvious, as I believe I am rather good at doing, the beginning of any piece of writing is the first draft. Sometimes, it’s also the end, either due to unwillingness to redraft, or just because the writer doesn’t consider it salvageable.

There are different ways of going about creating a first draft. Some people like to plan it all out, make an outline to follow, whereas others just go for it, maybe with a rough plan in their head, but nothing on paper, and write it all straight out.

I’ve traditionally been part of the latter group. Sometimes I’ve just made it all up as I go along, while sometimes I’ve had a start and an end point in mind, and maybe a couple of other things I want to happen at some point. I’ve held the view that it’s easier to write when there’s not a set of stepping stones to work by, and that the extra effort that will almost inevitably be required to revise a first draft written this way is worth it for getting it out.


Art – September to December

It’s been four months, that means another post of my artwork. I think I’ve had some improvements, I’ve made some very deliberate shifts as an attempt, changes in how I draw. I think I’ve succeeded in making my characters look a little bit more 3D. But I’ve not entirely mastered that yet, there’s some new issues that have arisen as a result. I haven’t quite mastered the art of connecting arms to torsos, for instance, and they sometimes look a bit blocky. But hopefully, I’ll iron out these issues.

So, pictures from my scrapbooks. Well, scrapbook, I haven’t had to start a new one in the past four months.



Lake District 2015

I’ve fairly recently been on a week long holiday, but that’s not what I’m writing about just now because we also went on a short break to the Lake District back in September, which I delayed writing about for a while because I’d just done the posts about Cayton Bay and Blackpool, and wanted to keep a little bit of variation going. Yes, we do go on quite a few holidays, but none of these have been expensive ones. And this one was just three days.

So anyway. The first thing we did, before we actually got to Grasmere, where we were staying, was take a walk up to Rydal Cave on Loughrigg Fell. It’s a man made cave; it was once a quarry. Now, though, it’s just a cavern with a lot of water in it. As I’m looking up information to share here now, I’ve found several sites mentioning a fence around the cave and a sign warning of falling rocks. But all those sites are a few years old, and as I saw no such precautions myself, I assume it’s deemed safe again. Looking up pictures, the fence was right in front of the cave, and it’s not now. Although, looking at my own photos, they appear to have left a fence post, which I’m sure I did notice at the time, but wouldn’t have thought much of. You see random fenceposts and such everywhere. But I presume it’s safe now.


Poetry – Yesterday

I should have told you years ago
How much you mean to me.
Your smile is etched onto my heart
For all eternity.
I had all the chances in the world
To go to you and say:
I love you
And I wish I’d said
I love you

Autumn 2015

Back to doing non-poem posts. I will keep those up, once or twice a month sounds good, but since I would be doing them anyway – although I’ll have to keep a better editing schedule, so I’ve always got enough up to scratch – they’ll be in addition to the rest of the posts. Doesn’t mean much, since I don’t have much of a schedule, but I am trying to fatten up this blog a bit.

So, it’s December, which means time to share my photos from Autumn.

To begin with, a walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal between Salterforth and Barnoldswick:

Swan Family 1 (more…)