Poetry – Lost

You really do love me,
I know that that’s true.
If anything hurt me
That would destroy you.
That’s the truth and I know it,
That you truly love me.
But when you look at my face
He’s the one that you see.


Art – January to April 2016

I keep meaning to draw some more interesting things, but… well, I do, but not enough to get to a point where I have anything even remotely nice to look at. So it is just characters again, and actually, I seem to have done a lot less in my sketchbooks the last few months. But I have my regular times to do these posts, so I’m sticking to that.

So, first off, some pictures from my scrapbooks:



Derbyshire- 2015

In December I spent a week in Derbyshire. Not far into Derbyshire, the cottage was very close to Sheffield, but Derbyshire none-the-less. So I’ll write about that for a bit.

One of the days we went to visit the market in Bakewell. The first thing I noticed about Bakewell was that there’s a ton of padlocks on one of the bridges, with little messages and dates on. It’s not something I’ve ever seen before and it seemed a bit odd. I’ve looked it up, and apparently they are ‘love locks’ and aren’t really uncommon – in fact, they’re common enough throughout Europe to have a campaign against them. I thought they looked quite nice on Bakewell’s bridge, but looking at some of the pictures of other places where there’s a lot more of them, I can see why people don’t like them. I think it’s one of those things that’s pretty cool until it gets out of hand, which I wouldn’t say it has on that particular bridge, so right now it looks OK. I suppose it helps that it’s a fairly standard bridge other than the padlocks, so they’re more of a distinguishing feature than anything else.


Winter 2015/16

I’ve got a little bit behind on posts. I have no valid reason for it, it’s pure procrastination, and I do apologise. Although I did actually forget I had this one to do, it just suddenly hit me on Sunday, so I made this one the priority.

I don’t actually have many photos from the winter, I don’t seem to have done as much as usual. But here’s some of what I do have.

First, Malham Tarn. Had a look at that on New Years Day. There was a lot of ice on the grass about it, and the ground was also littered with hailstones, which was quite interesting to see. I guess it was just too cold for them to melt.

Frozen 1