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Arnside Break

I posted some pictures from my break in Arnside, so now I shall ramble about said break.

So, Arnside. Arnside is a village that was once a fishing port, and is now reasonably popular among tourists. There’s not that much for a holiday resort in way of shops and stuff, but that’s OK. The main attraction is in the landscape. It is part of the Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and it is extremely pretty, and there’s a distinctive edge to a lot of the landscape.

For example, one thing I noticed was the weird trees. Most of them are normal looking, but there’s a noticeable amount of odd ones. They look like they’ve been blown to one side by a strong wind, then frozen in that moment. I’m sure there’s a reason for this, but I don’t know what. All I know is that I really liked the way the trees look.

Arnside is situated on Morecambe Bay, on the Kent Estuary. As is the general rule of Morecambe Bay, the beach is a dangerous one, with sinking sand and a tide that comes in quickly. There’s even a siren letting you know when it’s coming.

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I recently spent a few days in Settle, a market town in North Yorkshire. I know it very well, so it was a bit weird to be staying there, but nice. It also feels a bit odd to be writing about it here, but I don’t really know why. I don’t know why I don’t write about places I know when I’m OK to write about random places I’ve only seen for a few days.

Yeah, I’ll probably do that at some point.

I’m splitting this break into two posts. Well, three if you count the photo post. One for the town itself and one for a walk we did.

So, the name Settle comes from ‘Settlement’, which is pretty self-explanatory. As I said, it’s in North Yorkshire, in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s on the River Ribble, and attached to another town called Giggleswick. It’s one of those situations where it’s two separate places, but if you took away all the identifying signage no-one would ever guess that. I don’t know where the boundary is. I’d have thought it was the river, because it usually is, and the Settle sign is on the bridge, but then you’ve got Settle swimming pool and Settle college on what should be the Giggleswick side. So either the sign is lying or Settle is encroaching beyond its boundaries.

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Cayton Bay 2016

I’m trying to get four posts done each month this year, but I think I could do with not taking it right up to the final day in future. But, technically, I’m on track.

Anyway, another trip to Cayton Bay. It has become a regular thing. We only went for a few days this time, and in Autumn rather than summer. A lot of things were closed. But the beach and the cliffs and nature in general was still there to enjoy, so we did that. Since I’ve rambled about Cayton Bay and the surrounding area in previous posts, I won’t go on about it again, except for places I hadn’t been before, and where I think I might have some new observation to make. This post will include photos too, because I don’t think I’ve got enough content to make two posts.

So here’s some photos of Cayton Bay itself to begin with:

Above Cayton Bay 4 Pillbox 6

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