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Grinton to Reeth

Spent a couple of nights away a few weeks back, in the village of Grinton. It’s in Richmondshire, eleven miles from Richmond. The only things we really did were hang around Richmond and go for a walk from Grinton to Reeth, but I can do a walking post about that.

I don’t have much to say about Grinton. It was very nice from what I saw, but I didn’t see very much of it. It was just part of the walk.

So you go out of Grinton on a road that sort of follows the river – the river Swale, for this is Swaledale. You walk along until you come within sight of a farm, and there’s a stream running down the field on your left. On your right is a gate leading to a path. You go through here.

Grinton to Reeth 3
Along the river

The path leads you steadily down to the side of the river, but you don’t stay on the river for long. You’re generally following it for the entire walk, but sort of drifting closer and further away. At this point you end up with a field between you and the river.

When you come back closer to it it’s quite an interesting landscape. The river sort of splits a bit, going right round a large area which isn’t as lush as the rest of the field. It looks like an area which floods quite easily, as though the entire bit is underwater quite frequently. I can’t verify that, seeing as I’ve only seen it once, but the internet tells me there has been very bad flooding there in the past. On that subject, there’s a suspension bridge you have to cross. It was originally built in 1921 but had to be rebuilt after being severely damaged in floods in 2000. I know it lasted several decades before that, and I’ve seen how bad flooding can get, but all the same I’m glad I didn’t know that when I was crossing. There’s a sign giving a little run down of the history, but that’s on the side I was crossing towards. I’m not terribly fond of suspension bridges. I’m not terrified or anything, I’m just never entirely happy when I’m crossing one. It is a very nice view from the bridge though.


Around Reeth 2
Reeth suspension bridge

And then it’s just along the path and up to this little lane into Reeth. Looking back the way you’ve come makes for more nice views.

And then you’re in Reeth. We hung around there for a bit so I guess I’ll talk about it. The name might mean ‘ford’ or ‘place by the stream’, or something completely different. Nobody knows for sure, but with the river being there either would make sense, so it probably is one of them.

It’s a nice village. I’ve rarely come across a village that isn’t nice. They’re small enough that you can still see the individual characters of them, I suppose that’s the main difference between smaller and larger settlements.

I’m talking about stuff that doesn’t matter because this post isn’t as long as I’d hoped it would be.

The buildings in the centre form a sort of circle around the green, and it goes out from there – as implied by my use of the word ‘centre’. A pretty standard village shape, but they always look different. There’s a few shops selling souvenir stuff and places to eat at. And there’s this interesting little sculpture garden near the tourist information centre. They’re little sculptures and there’s not that many of them, but it was good to wander around. They were very nice little sculptures.

And that’s it for what I saw. They have a market, I know that, and I’m sure there’s plenty more I could mention if I’d been there for more than a few hours. But I wasn’t, so this is all I’ve got. Thanks for reading, here are photos from the walk and just from the break in general.


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