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Malham Tarn Moss

This is a walk I did in mid-April. It’s only a little walk – though it can be done as part of a longer walk – but it’s very charming. It’s a little trail around Tarn Moss, a boggy area near Malham Tarn.

Tarn Moss is a nature reserve, because apparently the plant life there is quite special. You’re not allowed to walk on the ground, there’s a wooden walkway to go on instead, and signs telling you not to step off it. I don’t think a sensible person would anyway. Some bits of the bog are straight out pools of water, and while I don’t know what the drier looking bits are like, I wouldn’t want to test it. It must be relatively firm in some bits because we saw some deer, but still. Best to stick to the walkway regardless of conservation efforts, bogs are not to be trusted.

For some reason, I have a real liking for walkways like this one. I just like the way they look against the landscape, so I enjoyed walking around here.

So there’s not much directions I can give, you just follow the walkway. There’s two ways onto it, one very close to the tarn, one off the road further away. We went through the latter. From here, there’s a little loop around what seemed like the wettest area. I admit, I didn’t see anything that particularly interested me in this bit. I believe that the plant life is important, but it all just looked like a load of brown. It was pretty, but as I’ve said before, I’m spoilt when it comes to countryside, so I find it hard to express my appreciation. But I do appreciate it.

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Victoria Cave

While we were staying in Settle we went for a walk up to Victoria Cave. We didn’t actually go from Settle – you can, but we didn’t. We went from Langcliffe, a village some way down the road from Settle. It’s one of those villages that’s all on one side of a road, other than the odd outlying building. There’s a little car park in front of what used to be the village school, and is still recognisable as such, and to the right of this car park is a road leading up and out of Langcliffe.

You go up this road. You can park in the car park and walk up, or park further up. Depends on how far you want to walk. It is quite some way up the road, and it does climb. What you’re looking for is a bit where the road bends and there’s a track going off to the right, where there is space for parking. You go along this track.

And it’s a very clear path from here. Just go along the track, through a gate, and then along the edge of a large field.

There’s not really a lot I can say. You’re just following the track. I think the field is quite interesting to look at, as far as fields go. This is an area with a lot of limestone, and it’s very visible as you’re walking along. It adds a lot of character to the landscape.

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Grinton to Reeth

Spent a couple of nights away a few weeks back, in the village of Grinton. It’s in Richmondshire, eleven miles from Richmond. The only things we really did were hang around Richmond and go for a walk from Grinton to Reeth, but I can do a walking post about that.

I don’t have much to say about Grinton. It was very nice from what I saw, but I didn’t see very much of it. It was just part of the walk.

So you go out of Grinton on a road that sort of follows the river – the river Swale, for this is Swaledale. You walk along until you come within sight of a farm, and there’s a stream running down the field on your left. On your right is a gate leading to a path. You go through here.

Grinton to Reeth 3
Along the river

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Skipton Woods

I’ve actually been here twice in the last couple of months, and took different paths both times, which gives me a bit more to talk about. So that’s good.

So, Skipton Woods, also called Skipton Castle Woods, are some woods in Skipton near the castle, as you could probably gather. They’re owned by the castle, but leased to the Woodland Trust. Going through them isn’t a long walk, even if you take the longest route. It’s just a nice place to wander about in for a bit.

There are three entrances, and I took the same one both times, the main one. This one is in the town centre. You get to it by walking along the Leeds-Liverpool canal, which runs through Skipton. You don’t go along the main body of the canal, it’s called either the Springs branch or Thanet canal, and it, as the first name implies, branches off it. It takes you round the back of the castle, onto this sort of walkway. You’re not in the woods by this point, but it is probably my favourite part of the walk. I really like castles, and it is pretty cool around there. I’m very familiar with Skipton, but I’d never actually been in this part before – not that I can remember – and I was honestly astonished by that fact. I love that little bit of the walk.

Skipton Castle 2
Skipton Castle

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Janet’s Foss

This is a very familiar walk for me, I’ve done it so many times in my life. Although, actually, the last time I did it, in December, we took a different route back to usual. But, basically.

Janet’s Foss is a waterfall near Malham, a very nice village in North Yorkshire. Its most famous feature is Malham Cove, which is a big limestone cliff that thousands of years ago was a waterfall – in fact, it briefly became a waterfall again during last winter’s floods, which I didn’t personally see, but I saw pictures, and it was impressive – not that it isn’t usually impressive. You can see it from far away, if you’re high up enough, it’s something you can pick out.

We didn’t actually go to look at the cove this time round. Usually when we go to Janet’s Foss we do come back over it, but this time we went back along the road instead.

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Clapham Nature Trail

When I first started this blog, I did a couple of posts about walks I’ve been on. I haven’t done one of those for quite some time, but I intend to start doing them again as a semi-regular thing, since I do live in a very nice part of the country, and go walking quite a bit.

So, this post is about Clapham Nature Trail, which I went for a walk along in November. It’s not a long walk, but there’s a lot of pretty and interesting things to see along the way.
So first of all, Clapham is a little village in the Yorkshire Dales. The trail leads out of the village and goes up to Ingleborough Cave – it’s the only way up if you want to visit the cave. I did not visit the cave, it’s not open at this time of year. They’ve made it as accessible as possible, the path is well maintained. There’s a small toll to walk along it, but it is small. They could get away with charging a bit more, to be honest. But that’s nothing to complain about.

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Warning: In this post I rabbit on about basically nothing. I would not make a good travel writer. But it’s what I’ve got to post right now, even if it’s not terribly interesting.

One of the nicest little walks I know is from Ball Grove Park to Wycoller, near Colne. It is a little walk, and very simple. You park at Ball Grove Park, and from there the path is mostly pretty clear. You follow the water. I say water because it’s not really fit to be called a river, but I’m not sure I’d call it a stream of a beck either. The name I can find for it is ‘Colne Water’, so apparently it’s not just me.

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