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Three Short Breaks

I’ve been posting up pictures from the various places I’ve been since I’ve had my camera, but I’ve been on quite a few short breaks too, where I didn’t do a whole lot, and that don’t really merit their own photos post. So here’s three in one.

First off, a trip to the Peak District. We climbed Mam Tor, some photos I took while doing that:

DSCF5047 DSCF5050 DSCF5052 DSCF5077

We stayed in the village of Bradwell, so here that is.

DSCF5101 DSCF5107 DSCF5121

Now on to the Southport break. We were on the outskirts, near a beach cars could drive on. Here’s the beach and some random building I found interesting.

DSCF6153 DSCF6161 DSCF6182

And we went into Southport proper. It’s got the proper seaside town look, it’s full of interesting and grand looking buildings, which I loved.

DSCF6195 DSCF6208 DSCF6210 DSCF6217 DSCF6218 DSCF6255

I really want to go back to Southport. It was beautiful.

Last break. My mother did the Great North Run last year, so we all went with her. We stayed overnight in Richmond, another town filled with interesting buildings. Here’s Richmond.

DSCF9495 DSCF9498 DSCF9499 DSCF9502 DSCF9527 DSCF9547

I wish I’d gone into the castle. I wished I had from the instant it was too late. I have no idea why I didn’t.

Anyway, we went to have a look at the Angel of the North. That kind of made up for me missing my opportunity with the castle. I wish I’d done both though.

DSCF9601 DSCF9594 DSCF9589

There are better pictures of it in the world, but I had fun.

As always, thanks for looking.


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