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Isle of Man Photos 1

I’m splitting the photos between two posts simply because there’s a lot of them. But I’ll try to get the posts up in quick succession.

I won’t be putting all the pictures I’ve uploaded into these posts (there really are rather a lot), but I’ll include a link to the Flickr album. I’ll be going in chronological order because it’s easier, so there’ll be a few different loads of photos from Port Erin.

So, first off, pictures from the ferry crossing from Heysham to Douglas:

Heysham to Isle of Man Ferry 1 Heysham to Isle of Man Ferry 4

Heysham to Isle of Man Ferry 7 Heysham to Isle of Man Ferry 9
Heysham to Isle of Man Ferry 22 Heysham to Isle of Man Ferry 26

Port Erin part one:

Port Erin 2 Port Erin 4
Port Erin 5 Port Erin 9
Port Erin 10 Port Erin 11

A few snaps of Douglas on the way to the Electric Railway:

Douglas 2 Douglas 3
Douglas 5

And the trip itself. Going up:

Manx Electric Railway 1 Manx Electric Railway 3
Manx Electric Railway 6 Manx Electric Railway 11
Manx Electric Railway 12 Manx Electric Railway 16
Manx Electric Railway 19 Manx Electric Railway 23
Manx Electric Railway 26


Snaefell 4
Snaefell 6 Snaefell 10
Snaefell 12 Snaefell 14
Snaefell 16 Snaefell 21
Snaefell 22 Snaefell 24
Joey Dunlop Statue Old Motorcycle Museum
Snaefell 27 Snaefell 33

And going down, with time for a brief wander about Laxey, where you transfer:
Manx Electric Railway 29 Manx Electric Railway 34
Manx Electric Railway 39 Manx Electric Railway 42
Laxey 1 Laxey 3
Laxey 4 Manx Electric Railway 47

And Douglas again:

Douglas 10 Douglas 12

This was the day we stopped off at Fairy Bridge, so here’s that. These actually are all the photos I uploaded of Fairy Bridge. I didn’t take many because my camera was dying.

Fairy Bridge 1 Fairy Bridge 2
Fairy Bridge 3 Castle Rushen, in Castletown: Castle Rushen 1
Castle Rushen 2 Castle Rushen 3
Castle Rushen 9 Castle Rushen 11
View from Castle Rushen 1 Castle Rushen 12
View from Castle Rushen 3 View From Castle Rushen 6
Castle Rushen 13 Castle Rushen 14
Castle Rushen 17 Castle Rushen 20
Castle Rushen 22 Castle Rushen 24
Castle Rushen 26 Castle Rushen 30
Castle Rushen 33 Castle Rushen 36
Castle Rushen 40 And Castletown in general: Castletown 1
Castletown 2 Castletown 4
Castletown 7 Castletown 9
Castletown 10 Castletown 12

More photos from Port Erin, this time from the walk you can do up to Milner’s Tower:

Port Erin 18 Port Erin 19
Around Port Erin 6 Around Port Erin 8
Around Port Erin 10 Around Port Erin 17
Around Port Erin 20 Around Port Erin 24
Milner's Tower 2 View From Milner's Tower 1
View From Milner's Tower 5 Milner's Tower 5
Bradda Head 2 Around Port Erin 25
Around Port Erin 28 Around Port Erin 30
Around Port Erin 34 Around Port Erin 36

And I think that’ll do for this post. I’ll aim to get part two up later today, tomorrow at latest. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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