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Poetry – Should I Tell You?

Should I tell you why I love you?
Well, I haven’t got a clue.
You’re selfish, cruel and vicious
There’s no love for me in you.

In fact, no love for anyone
Your heart must be made of ice
You do what you want, and let
Other people pay the price.

And it’s not like you can’t help it
This is how you choose to be
You’re blatantly a monster
And who knows that best but me?

Because I know what people think,
That I haven’t got a clue.
But I’m not an idiot
Of course I see the real you.

So why do I love you so much
When you’re rotten to the core?
I’ve looked for some thing good there
And I can’t search anymore.

So yes, you see, I know you
And I’m not fooled by your games
I’ve always known what you are
But I love you just the same.


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