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Spring 2017

Here is a selection of photos I took throughout March, April and May. I’ll be doing them in chronological order.

First, a wander along the canal from Barnoldswick to Foulridge:

Swan on Canal Canal at Barnoldswick

Salterforth to Foulridge 1 Pictures from the area above Earby and Elslack, and many other places: Cluster 2
Cluster 3 Above Elslack 2
Above Elslack 4 Walking from Thornton-in-Craven to Barnoldswick, via the canal: Thornton-in-Craven to Barnoldswick 3
Lambs 1 Thornton-in-Craven to Barnoldswick 7
Thornton-in-Craven to Barnoldwick 8 Thornton-in-Craven to Barnoldswick 16
Lamb Lambs 4
Canal Near Barnoldswick 1 Greenberfield Locks 5

Spent a couple of nights in Thirsk. In retrospect, I could have given that its own photo post, but it feels too late now, so they’ll go here:

Thirsk 2 Thirsk 5
Thirsk 7 Thirsk 10
Thirsk 14 Thirsk 21
Thirsk 25 Thirsk 26
Thirsk 29 Photos taken in the general area near and sort-of near to Clapham: Near Clapham 4
Near Clapham 5 Near Clapham 7
Near Clapham 9 Near Clapham 12

Tarn Moss and Malham Tarn:

Tarn Moss 1 Tarn Moss 6
Malham Tarn Moss 14 Malham Tarn Moss 19
Near Malham Tarn 3 Malham Tarn 3
Malham Tarn 6 Tarn Moss 32
Tarn Moss 40 Strid Wood: Strid Wood 3
Strid Wood 5 Strid Wood 7
Cavendish Pavillion The walk at Bolton Abbey: Bolton Abbey 2
Bolton Abbey Priory 2 Bolton Abbey to Cavendish Pavillion 8
Robin Money Tree 1
Bolton Abbey To Cavendish Pavillion 16 Bolton Abbey Priory 11
Bolton Abbey Priory 14 Bolton Abbey Priory 15
Bolton Abbey Priory 17 A trip to Brimham Rocks, which I’ll do a post on later this month: Brimham Rocks 3
Brimham Rocks 12 Brimham Rocks 20
Brimham Rocks 28 Brimham Rocks 31
Brimham Rocks 38 Brimham Rocks 47

Going from Wycoller to Ball Grove Park:

Wycoller Wycoller to Ball Grove Park 2
Wycoller to Ball Grove Park 3 Wycoller to Ball Grove Park 7
Wycoller to Ball Grove Park 10 Ball Grove Park 1
Ball Grove Park 2 Ball Grove Park 5

A loop walk from Earby, including some canal walking:

Near Earby 2 Near Salterforth 3
Leeds-Liverpool Canal 1 Leeds-Liverpool Canal 3
Leeds-Liverpool Canal 4 Leeds-Liverpool Canal 6
Leeds-Liverpool Canal 8 Squirrel
Near Earby 4 And more canal walking, this time from Salterforth to Foulridge: Rabbit
Salterforth to Foulridge 4 Salterforth to Foulridge 5
Salterforth to Foulridge 6 Salterforth to Foulridge 11
Salterforth to Foulridge 13 Heron
Moorhen Foulridge Lime Kiln 2
Foulridge 1 Foulridge 2

And that’s that. All the photos I’ve uploaded from Spring areĀ here, I’d say I’ve put maybe half of them or a bit more in this post, but if you do want to see the rest, then the link is there.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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