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Poetry – People Like Us

People like us shouldn’t bother with friends
People like us look out for our own ends.
We don’t think about what’s nice, right or fair
We do what we want, we simply don’t care
What anybody who’s watching us thinks
That we’re evil or mental, gone over the brink

People like us never ever show fear
People like us can push back all the tears
We’re happy to tell people bare faced lies
We’re just great at it, can’t say I know why.
We don’t get put off by what people say
All that matters to us is getting our own way

And no, don’t say it’s just people like me
It’s clear as day, anybody can see
That I’ve got a reflection here in you,
So don’t deny it, you know that it’s true.
Look at yourself, and you know that you’ll find
You’re identical to me, we’re two of a kind.

People like us don’t belong with the rest
We’re not like them, but that’s good, we’re the best
We don’t need others, we’re better alone
People like us, we belong on our own
People like us see what others don’t see
People like you and me.


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