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Poetry – Monster

They said that you were a monster
That you were crazy, mad
They told me you were dangerous
And that that made you glad.
And you stood there like a sculpture,
Set apart and alone
With tense shoulders and hands in fists,
Your face was set in stone

But as I looked closer at you
I saw something else there
You were angry, you were bitter,
But mostly, you were scared.
You were tense, alert and ready
But not to fight – to flee
It was clear once you took a look,
But no-one cared to see

It took me quite a bit of time
I knew I couldn’t rush
But I reached out and you reached back,
Started to give some trust
You’d walled yourself off from the world
For the longest time hid
But you weren’t crazy, you weren’t bad;
Only a frightened kid

No-one was ever there for you
Nobody put you first
You didn’t get the best in life
You got close to the worst
Of course you were always on edge
Locked people out and shoved
Nobody did their best by you
Nobody showed you love


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