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Cayton Bay 2016

I’m trying to get four posts done each month this year, but I think I could do with not taking it right up to the final day in future. But, technically, I’m on track.

Anyway, another trip to Cayton Bay. It has become a regular thing. We only went for a few days this time, and in Autumn rather than summer. A lot of things were closed. But the beach and the cliffs and nature in general was still there to enjoy, so we did that. Since I’ve rambled about Cayton Bay and the surrounding area in previous posts, I won’t go on about it again, except for places I hadn’t been before, and where I think I might have some new observation to make. This post will include photos too, because I don’t think I’ve got enough content to make two posts.

So here’s some photos of Cayton Bay itself to begin with:

Above Cayton Bay 4 Pillbox 6

Pillbox 5 Pillbox 3
Cayton Bay 10 Cayton Bay 11
Cayton Bay 6 Cayton Bay 5

We went to Filey Brigg, where I haven’t yet visited. It’s a peninsula leading out from Filey Country Park, which you can walk along either on the beach or on the cliffs, and there is at least one path up and down along it. We went along the cliffs, and stayed up on the cliffs. Some photos from up there:

Filey 1 Filey Brigg 1
Filey Brigg 4 Filey Brigg 6
Filey 4 Filey Brigg 8

I walked down to the beach afterwards, down this path that went through a wooded area, and went into the town proper. I had another wander along the beach another day. These are just photos from anywhere in Filey that I went to that wasn’t the brig.

Filey 5 Filey 6
Filey 10 Filey 11
Filey 13 Filey 14
Filey 16

We did, as ever, go to the Sea Life centre, and that was actually better than usual because there were a lot fewer people around. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go round zoos and aquariums internally cursing about loads of children being there crowding around the animals. It’s part of visiting these places, you can’t begrudge it, it’s just as it is. But being there when that wasn’t the case was more enjoyable, you could hang around different tanks and pools much longer and often be the only one. Plus, some of the penguins were clearly feeling attention starved, and were eager to show off to anyone who came to look at them. It was a nice bonus. And we happened to catch the seal feeding, so that was good.

Jellyfish 2
Penguin Penguins 2
Seals 3 Seahorse

I walked into Scarborough Centre from there, and I took a detour through Peasholm Park. I didn’t hang around there long, I just walked through it, but it made me want to spend a proper bit of time there sometime. It’s one of those properly designed parks, the ones with the little sculptures and cute little bridges, and an artificial lake with an island. It was started in 1911, and it’s all done in an orinetal-inspired style, and it’s still very pretty. Once again, I was there out of season, and didn’t have a proper walk round, but I certainly could recognise that. So to end this post with, pictures of Scarborough and the park.

Scarborough 1 Scarborough 3
Scarborough 4 Scarborough 6
Peasholme Park 1 Peasholme Park 2
Peasholme Park 6 Peasholme Park 7

Additional photos can be found here. Thanks for looking at my blog.


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