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Isle of Mull Photos

Some time overdue, here are photos from my holiday in the Isle of Mull, back in August. I’m not going to put all the ones here that I’ve uploaded, so if you want to see any more, they’re here.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of them.

First off, the ferry trip over;

Oban to Mull 2 Oban to Mull 6

Oban to Mull 7 Oban to Mull 9
Oban to Mull 12

Now, Tobermory, the main road and walking in the woods around it.

Tobermory 1 Tobermory 3
Tobermory 7 Around Tobermory 3
Around Tobermory 4 Around Tobermory 7
Around Tobermory 8 Around Tobermory 14
Around Tobermory 15 Around Tobermory 22
Around Tobermory 26 Around Tobermory 28
Tobermory 9 Tobermory 11
Tobermory 12

Isle of Iona:

Iona Nunnery 2 Iona Nunnery 3
Iona Nunnery 6 Isle of Iona 2
Iona Abbey 2 Iona Abbey 4
Iona Abbey 5 Isle of Iona 3
Iona Abbey 9 Isle of Iona 6

And Fionnphort:

Fionnphort 3 Fionnphort 5
Fionnphort 7 Fionnphort 8
Fionnphort 12

The boats at Salen:

Salen Boats 2 Salen Boats 4
Salen Boats 5 Duart Castle and its grounds: Duart Castle 2
Inside Duart Castle 4 In Duart Castle 5
In Duart Castle 7 View From Duart Castle
Duart Castle Grounds 4 Duart Castle Grounds 8
Duart Castle 6 Duat Castle 7
Duart Castle 9 Duart Castle Grounds 12
Duart Castle 11 Duart Castle Grounds 14

And the ferry back to Oban:

Mull to Oban 1
Mull to Oban 10
Mull to Oban 11
Mull to Oban 16
Mull to Oban 17

Thanks for looking.


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