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Autumn 2016

For various reasons I didn’t get out at much as I normally do over the past few months, so I don’t have as many pictures as I usually do to share. But I’ve got a decent number, so here they are.

First, a couple of visits to Strid Wood:

Strid Wood 1

Strid Wood 2

Strid Wood 3 Strid Wood 4

Strid Wood 5 Near Strid Wood

Strid Wood 6 Strid Wood 7

Near Cavendish Pavillion 1 Near Cavendish Pavillion 2

Near Cavendish Pavillion 3

Pictures from in and near to the area of West Craven:

Around Earby 1 Around Earby 2

Around Earby 3 Earby Beck

Earby Waterfall Sheep at the Gate

Around Kelbrook 2 Old Railway 1

Old Railway 3 Around Kelbrook 1

Around Kelbrook 2 Around Kelbrook 3

Earby to Thornton Near Barnoldswick

Canal at Barlick 1 Greenberfield Locks 1

Canal at Barlick 2 Duck

Old Railway 4 Old Railway 5

Old Railway 6 Old Railway 7

Old Railway 8 Old Railway 9

Old Railway 10 Old Railway 11

Old Railway 12 Near Foulridge 1

Near Foulridge 2 Near Foulridge 3

Near Foulridge 4 Around Foulridge

Swan Family

And a visit to Wycoller:

Near Wycoller 1 Near Wycoller 2

Wycoller 3 Wycoller 4

Wycoller 5 Wycoller Hall 7

Wycoller Hall 8 Wycoller Hall 9

Wycoller Hall 10 Wycoller Hall 11

Wycoller 6 Wycoller Hall 12

Squirrel 1 Wycoller 6

Squirrel 2 Wycoller Hall 13

Wycoller 7

And that’s it. Thank you for looking.


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