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Summer 2016 Part 1

I’m doing this in two parts because I have rather a lot of photos I’ve picked out to upload. Over a hundred, and I don’t want to put that many in one post. It is not just a shameless attempt to increase the number of posts on this blog – I grant I’m not above that, but on this occasion I really just feel it’s too much for one post.

But I’m doing both posts today, because I count summer as June to August, and then I like to get these posts done by the end of the following month, and that ends today. I’m just in under the line I set myself.

So I’d better get going.

To begin with, a wander around Grass Wood, near Grassington. This was the site of an iron age settlement and a fort. I went to the part where the fort was, but not the settlement. It wasn’t a serious exploration, just a wander.

Grass Woods 1

Grass Woods 2
Grass Woods 3 Wild Strawberries 1
Wild Strawberries 2
Grass Woods 4 Grass Woods 5
Grass Woods 6 Grass Woods 7
Grass Woods 8 Feeding Time
Rabbit Grass Woods 9
Grass Woods 10 Grass Woods 11
Grass Woods 12 Grass Woods 13


Malham 1 Malham 2
Malham 3 Malham 4
Malham 5 And Airton: Airton 1
Airton 2 And now, various wanderings about the West Craven area. Sough: Sough 1
Sough 2 Sough 3
Sough 4 Sough 5

Walking between Earby and Barnoldswick:

Earby to Barnoldswick 1 Earby to Barnoldswick 2
Earby to Barnoldswick 3 Earby to Barnoldswick 4
Earby to Barnoldswick 5 Earby to Barnoldswick 6
Earby to Barnoldswick 7 Earby to Barnoldswick 8

And walking from Earby to Kelbrook;

Earby to Sough 1 Earby to Sough 2
Sough to Kelbrook 1 Sough to Kelbrook 2
Sough to Kelbrook 3 Sough to Kelbrook 4

And on to Avenham Park in Preston, where I found myself long enough to snap a few photos.

Avenham Park 1 Avenham Park 2
Avenham Park 3 Avenham Park 4

Went to look at the Ringing Singing Tree in Burnley, a sculpture built as part of the East Lancashire panopticons project. It wasn’t really singing that much when I went, but it was making a bit of a noise. It’s a cool sculpture to look at though, I like the design a lot, so I wasn’t bothered by that. I’m not much of an art critic, am I? I just felt I should give a bit of a commentary on it.

In the Distance The Ringing Singing Tree 1
The Ringing Singing Tree 2 The Ringing Singing Tree 3

And some photos taken walking about above Kettlewell:

Above Kettlewell 1 Above Kettlewell 2
Above Kettlewell 3 Above Kettlewell 4
Above Kettlewell 5 Above Kettlewell 6

And that’s it for part one. Part two could be up very soon or in a few hours, but unless something specific happens to prevent it, it will be up by the end of the day.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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