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Summer 2016 Part 2

Photos from Summer continued.

Here is  a swan family I saw in Skipton:

Swan Family 1

Swan Family 2

Wanderings between Earby and Thornton-in-Craven:

Earby Beck Old Railway 1
The Punchbowl Old Railway 2
Thornton-in-Craven Thornton to Earby 1
Thornton to Earby 2 Thornton to Earby 3
Thornton to Earby 4 Thornton to Earby 5
Thornton to Earby 6 Earby 1
Anne's Wood 1 Anne's Wood 2
Earby to Thornton 1 Earby to Thornton 2
Earby to Thornton 3 Earby to Thornton 4
Bee Some swan and duck families at Foulridge: Swan Family 6
Duck Family 5 Duck Family 6
Duck Family 7Swan Family 7

And a walk along the canal between Salterforth and Foulridge, with some of the same animals featured. These ones were actually taken earlier, but they’re later in this post.

Ducks Duck Family 1
Heron Across the Fields
Ducks in Field Canal 1
Swan Family 1 Duck Family 2
Swan Family 2 Duck Family 3
Duck Family 4 Swan Family 3
Swan Family 4 Swan Family 5
Perch Canal 2
Resting Here is a random rabbit: Rabbit

And finally, a walk around Foulridge Resevoir. Well, half of the way around.

Near Foulridge Resevoir 1 Near Foulridge Resevoir 2
Near Foulridge Resevoir 3 Foulridge Resevoir 1
Foulridge Resevoir 2 Foulridge Resevoir 3
Foulridge Resevoir 4 Foulridge Resevoir 5
By Foulridge Resevoir Foulridge Resevoir 6
Foulridge Resevoir 7 Near Foulridge Resevoir 4
Near Foulridge Resevoir 5

And that’s part two done. So I got both posts done just in my deadline, but I probably should stop taking so long. But I’ve got these ones done now. Thanks for looking.


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