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Poetry – Partners in Crime

We worked together, side by side
No-one could stop us – and they tried
No-one could force us to play fair
We knew the rules, we didn’t care.
You were in it for the money,
I just found the whole thing funny.
But I did what you asked me to
‘Cause they were things I loved to do,
And we were partners in crime.

Right from the start, I knew the game
You did the brunt, I took the blame.
I never cared what people saw
I never cared about the law.
You hid your true self from them all,
You made the plans, I took the fall.
You stayed the one they all adored,
That was OK; I knew the score,
But we were partners in crime.

And now you’ve gone and changed your mind
You’ve cast me off, left me behind,
You’ve said that I led you astray
Sure, fine, say what you want to say.
Say it was me that turned you bad
And you were scared to make me mad
I won’t tell them the truth just yet
But mark my word, I won’t forget
That you’re my partner in crime.


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