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Art – May to August 2016

Time once again for me to dump a load of my not-amazing-but-in-my-opinion-not-terrible art onto this blog. That’s about it for the introduction really.

So, as usual, I start with pictures from my sketchbook.

May 2016.png

July 2016.png

And here’s some sketches from my bigger sketchbook, which I’ve lost and found again a few times in the last four months, so there’s not very many at all.


And pictures from my smaller sketchbook, which there are quite a few more of.dscf4130dscf4132dscf4136dscf4138dscf4142dscf4145dscf4146dscf4148dscf4150dscf4152dscf4153dscf4158dscf4165dscf4166dscf4169dscf4218dscf4220dscf4224dscf4229dscf4235dscf4239dscf4242

And that’s it, my drawings from the last four months. Not all of them, but quite a lot of them.


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