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Poetry – Admission

I can’t say I know why I do what I do,
It’s not like I’ve got any issues with you.
I guess that the truth is I simply don’t care,
I don’t care how you feel, or if I’m being fair.
So what if I hurt you, if I get my way?
I’m all that I care for, what else can I say?
I don’t do what I do out of anger or spite,
I just don’t care what’s wrong and I don’t care what’s right.

Just give up on me now if you’ve got a brain,
Or I’ll only hurt you, again and again.
You think you should try, that I need loving care,
You’re far from the first, you good people aren’t rare.
Don’t say I can’t help being the way that I am,
It’s true in a way, but I do understand
What’ll happen when I do all the things that I do,
I simply don’t care, that’s the truth.


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