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Lake District 2016 Photos

This is later than I intended it to be. I have no excuse. I just didn’t do it.

But I’m doing it now. Photos from my holiday in Bowness.

So, pictures from around Bowness itself to begin with. Although mostly near the lake:

Bowness 1 Bowness 2

Bowness 3 Bowness 4
Bowness 5 Bowness 6
Bowness 7 Bowness 8
Bowness 9 Bowness 10
Bowness Swans 1 Bowness Swans 2
Bowness Swans 3 Bowness Swans 4
Canadian Goose Side by Side
The Swan And pictures taken while on the steamers on Windermere: On The Teal 1
Windermere 1 Windermere 2
Tern on Windermere Windermere 3
Windermere 4 On The Teal 2
Lakeside On The Swan 1
Windermere 5 Windermere 6
On The Swan 2 Windermere 7
Windermere 8 Boats at Bowness

Brant Fell, the pictures are somewhat out of order:

Brant Fell 1 Brant Fell 2
Brant Fell 3 Brant Fell 4
Brant Fell 5 Climbing Brant Fell 1
Climbing Brant Fell 2 Climbing Brant Fell 3

And some photos from and around the various viewpoints above Bowness. Some of these you got to partially the same way as Brant Fell. Actually, all of them, to differing degrees. Just to explain why some of it may look the same as some of the previous photos; it is.

Viewpoint 1 Gate
Viewpoint 2 Viewpoint 4
Bumpy Path Viewpoint 6
Above Bowness 1 And some of the better pictures I managed at the aquarium, taking into account my limited photography abilities, my camera (which is decent but not something a professional would use), and the fact that aquariums aren’t the easiest places to get good pictures. But they’re animals, even not-so-great pictures are still something. Axolotl
Duck Ducks
Field Mouse Lobster
Otters Stack
Tropical Fish And finally, Redscrees: Climbing Redscrees 1]
Climbing Redscrees 2 Climbing Redscrees 3
Climbing Redscrees 4 Climbing Redscrees 5
Climbing Redscrees 6 Climbing Redscrees 7
On Redscrees 1 On Redscrees 2
On Redscrees 3 On Redscrees 4
On Redscrees 5 Redscrees Summit

And that’s it. I apologise for the lateness of this post. I have no excuse, I just procrastinate.


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