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Poetry – Ghost

I don’t believe in ghosts,
And I know I’ll never see
Any trace or phantom of you,
You’ll never be here with me.
But I feel like you are
And it’s always been that way.
Your ghost is hanging over me,
I feel it every day.

I feel like I know you
Though of course we never met,
Because you’re a constant presence
That nobody can forget.
I know what you were like,
I know how your story ends,
I was brought up inside your crypt,
And it’s almost like we’re friends.

But I don’t know your voice
And I’ll never feel your touch,
I do know your face, from photos,
But that hardly counts for much.
You should have been with me,
The person who knew me most.
Instead, there’s not a trace of you,
You’re not even a ghost.


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