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Spring 2016

I’m a little on the late side with this one, I think, but I’m just about in under the time limit I set myself for the season posts.

I made myself a little schedule for my blog posts, and so far I’ve completely failed to keep up to date.

Well, I guess I could be worse.

Anyway, photos from Spring. And I’m actually putting them in chronological order for once, that’s something. So first, here’s a few of some March snow, in the town of Earby, and along the Leeds-Liverpool canal between Foulridge and Salterforth:

Snow in Earby Snow on Canal 2

Snow on Canal 1

And some taken while hanging around Ribblehead Viaduct, as you do:

Near Ribblehead Viaduct 1 Ribblehead Viaduct 1
Ribblehead Viaduct 2 Ribblehead Viaduct 3
Near Ribblehead Viaduct 2 Near Ribblehead Viaduct 3
Ribblehead Viaduct 4 A walk between Earby and Barnoldswick: Squeeze
End of the Lane Old Sign
Bench Daffodils 1
Daffodils 2 Near Barlick 1
Near Barlick 2

And a visit to Cowling Pinnacle and Sutton Pinnacle/Lund’s Tower/I don’t generally call it by any name so I’m not actually sure which is the more common one. Anyway, up there:

Cowling Pinnacle 2 Cowling Pinnacle 3
Distant Cowling Pinnacle 2 Sutton Pinnacle 5
Near Sutton Pinnacle Sutton Pinnacle 4
Frog Peek-a-boo!
Odd One Out Cowling Pinnacle 4
Distant Sutton Pinnacle And here’s a duck and a chair made out of a tree stump, near the Cavendish Pavillion at Bolton Abbey. He was a very pushy duck, he wanted my food: Duck 1
Duck 3 Duck 2
Stump Throne A wander around Earby to Earby Waterfall: Around Earby 1
Around Earby 2 Around Earby 3
Around Earby 4 Earby Beck
Earby Waterfall 1 Earby Waterfall 2
Around Earby 5 Spent one night in Hawkshead, in the Youth Hostel – I took a load of pictures in their grounds, so I feel I should specify. I was also there for the Windermere Half Marathon, which I wasn’t running in, but I was cheering. Well, supporting. Some people run the full marathon ten days in a row, which I feel I ought to mention just because it’s impressive. The event starts and ends at Brathay Hall in Ambleside, whose grounds I also took pictures in. So here’s photos from around there: 1 - Tyre Swing
2 - Esthwaite Water 3 - Into the Woods 1
4 - Into the Woods 2 5 - Bud
6 - Little Bridge 7 - Rotted
In the Woods 1 In the Woods 2
In the Woods 3 In the Woods 4
Door in the Wall 1 Door in the Wall 2
Brathay Hall Grounds 1 Brathay Hall Grounds 2
Brathay Hall Grounds 3 Brathay Hall
Brathay Hall Grounds 4

Photos taken walking from Earby to Foulridge, going through Kelbrook on the way:

Earby to Kelbrook 1 Earby to Kelbrook 2
Earby to Kelbrook 3 Earby to Kelbrook 4
Earby to Kelbrook 5 Earby to Kelbrook 6
Earby to Kelbrook 7 Watching
Earby to Kelbrook 8 Earby to Kelbrook 9
Earby to Kelbrook 10 Earby to Kelbrook 11
Earby to Kelbrook 12 Earby to Kelbrook 13
Lamb Gang Track
Horses 1 Horses 2
Kelbrook to Foulridge 1 Kelbrook to Foulridge 2
Kelbrook to Foulridge 3 Kelbrook to Foulridge 4
Foulridge 1 Foulridge 2
Sheep 1 Sheep 2
Foulridge 3 Foulridge 4
Foulridge 5 And then along the canal to Salterforth: Swan
Canal Bridge Lamb
By the Canal 1 By the Canal 2

And that’s that that’s my selection of photos from Spring. Thanks for looking, I apologise for the lateness.


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