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Art – January to April 2016

I keep meaning to draw some more interesting things, but… well, I do, but not enough to get to a point where I have anything even remotely nice to look at. So it is just characters again, and actually, I seem to have done a lot less in my sketchbooks the last few months. But I have my regular times to do these posts, so I’m sticking to that.

So, first off, some pictures from my scrapbooks:



And here’s a few from my big sketchbook:


I said I hadn’t done as much in the sketchbooks. There’s a few more from the little one:


And that’s that. I haven’t been doing well at updating this blog and I apologise for that. I aim to get a couple more posts of some kind up before the end of the month, I do have a few I’ve been meaning to. I’m not the most productive blogger and I don’t think I ever will be, but I am going to try to be a bit better at it.


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