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Winter 2015/16

I’ve got a little bit behind on posts. I have no valid reason for it, it’s pure procrastination, and I do apologise. Although I did actually forget I had this one to do, it just suddenly hit me on Sunday, so I made this one the priority.

I don’t actually have many photos from the winter, I don’t seem to have done as much as usual. But here’s some of what I do have.

First, Malham Tarn. Had a look at that on New Years Day. There was a lot of ice on the grass about it, and the ground was also littered with hailstones, which was quite interesting to see. I guess it was just too cold for them to melt.

Frozen 1

Frozen 2 Ice
Hail on the Ground Malham Tarn 3
Malham Tarn 2 Malham Tarn 1

And a walk along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal between Salterforth and Foulridge:

Boats at Salterforth Bridge at Salterforth
Boats Near Salterforth Along the Canal 1
Along the Canal 2
Along the Canal 3 Along the Canal 4
Canal at Foulridge 1 Canal at Foulridge 2
On the Canal

Went to Haworth, had a wander about above it first, then down into the village itself:

Above Haworth 1 Above Haworth 2
Above Haworth 3 Above Haworth 4
Above Haworth 5 Above Haworth 6
Above Haworth 7 Above Haworth 8
Above Haworth 9 Above Haworth 10
Haworth Church 1 Haworth 1
Haworth 3 Haworth Church 2

And that’s it. I said there wasn’t a lot. I went on holiday in December and a short break in February, they’ll have their own posts. The December holiday posts were supposed to be done last month, they just… weren’t. Yeah, no excuse, I’ve had a real procrastination problem the last couple of months, not just with this blog, I’ve had a few things I haven’t got done when I meant to. I will try to do better this month.

Thanks for looking.


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