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Lake District 2015 Photos

Photos from the short break to the Lake District a few months back.

I’ll start with the first thing we did, which was going to Rydal Cave, so here’s some pictures from that little walk, not necessarily in any order (they got a bit muddled up when I was uploading them):Country Road Loughrigg Fell 1
Loughrigg Fell 2 Loughrigg Fell 3
Loughrigg Fell 4 Loughrigg Fell 5
Loughrigg Fell 6 Loughrigg Fell 7
Rydal Cave 1 Rydal Cave 2
Rydal Cave 3 Rydal Water 1
Rydal Water 2 Rydal Water 3

And three from Ambleside:

Ambleside 1 Bridge House 1
Bridge House 2 Now, pictures from in and about Grasmere, where we were staying. There were deer, which was nice: Grasmere 1 Grasmere 2 Deer 1 Deer 2 Deer 3 Around Grasmere 1 Around Grasmere 2 Around Grasmere 3 Around Grasmere 4 Around Grasmere 5 Photos from the walk to Easedale Tarn. Again, they got all muddled up, but I’ve attempted to put them back into some sort of rational order. Not chronological, just putting the ones that feel like they should be near eachother together Grasmere 3
Around Grasmere 5 Around Grasmere 7
Around Grasmere 8 Near Grasmere 1
Helm Crag 1 Helm Crag 2
Near Grasmere 3 Near Grasmere 2
Path 1 Easedale Valley 1
Easedale Valley 2 Easedale Valley 3
Climbing Sour Milk Ghyll Falls 1
Sour Milk Ghyll Falls 2 Peek
Path 2 Path 1
Near Easedale Tarn 1 Easedale Tarn 1
Easedale Tarn 2 Easedale Tarn 3
Easedale Tarn 4

And, finally, the Aquarium of the Lakes. And a bit of the surrounding area. As always with me and Aquariums, the pictures are not of a very good quality, but as always, I thought I’d share some anyway. No particular order to these:

Watching Waiting
Tortoise Plecs
Looking Out Huddle
Hermit Frog 2
Frog 1 Fish 5
Fish 4 Fish 3
Fish 2 Fish 1
Ducks Duck 2
Duck 1 Ants 2
Ants 1 Aquarium of the Lakes 1
Aquarium of the Lakes 2 Aquarium of the Lakes 3
Windermere 1 Windermere 2
Windermere 3

That’s it, my photos from the Lake District. Thanks for looking.


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