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Autumn 2015

Back to doing non-poem posts. I will keep those up, once or twice a month sounds good, but since I would be doing them anyway – although I’ll have to keep a better editing schedule, so I’ve always got enough up to scratch – they’ll be in addition to the rest of the posts. Doesn’t mean much, since I don’t have much of a schedule, but I am trying to fatten up this blog a bit.

So, it’s December, which means time to share my photos from Autumn.

To begin with, a walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal between Salterforth and Barnoldswick:

Swan Family 1

Swan Family 2 Siblings
View From A Bridge Across The Fields 2

A random picture taken above Malham, close to the tarn:

Above Malham Around and above Wycoller: Wycoller Hall 5
Intruder Wycoller Hall 6
Wycoller 1 Wycoller Atom 3
Wycoller Atom 4 Gateway
Wycoller 2

Went to Stainforth Force to see the salmon jumping. We didn’t see very many, and I’m not fast enough to catch one on camera, but I do have some pictures of the area:

Railway Track Country Path
Downwards Turn Packhorse Bridge 1
Packhorse Bridge 2 Ribble at Stainforth
Stainforth Force 1 Stainforth Force 2
Stainforth Force 3 Packhorse Bridge 3

Took a few visits to Strid Wood, my old favourite,and a little bit more of the Bolton Abbey estate in general:

Outlook River Wharfe
At Cavendish Pavillion 1 At Cavendish Pavillion 2
Bolton Abbey Fountain Through the Woods 1
River Wharfe 2 Through the Woods 2
Through the Woods 3 Through the Woods 4
Through the Woods 5 I visited Skipton Castle one day: Skipton Castle 6
Skipton Castle 7 Skipton Castle 8
Skipton Castle 9 Skipton Castle 10
Skipton Castle 11 Skipton Castle 12
Skipton Castle 13 Skipton Castle 14
Skipton Castle 15 Skipton 1

That last one was taken from the castle grounds, so I figured it belonged with the ones of the castle. Here’s just a couple more from Skipton:

Skipton 2 Skipton 3

And a walk from Linton to Grassington:

Linton 1 Linton 2
Linton Falls 1 Linton Falls 2
Linton Falls Hydroelectric Plant Grassington 1

And that’s that for this one, those are my photos from Autumn. Thanks for looking.


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