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Poetry – Caged

You never were a prisoner,
I never locked the door.
I didn’t shut you in a cell
What would I do that for?

Whatever you’re remembering,
You know you’ve got it wrong.
I didn’t force you in a cage,
And try to stop your song.

You came to me,
Remember how you
Crawled up and begged my help?
You needed me then
And I was there,
And now what do I get?

Now you dance and shout
You’re free at last!
You’ve finally escaped!
After all this time
Your bonds are gone,
Oh please, give me a break.

I’m not some mad man, I don’t care
If you decide to go.
You think I crave your company?
Yeah right, that one’s a no.

But keep it up with all your boasts.
How you escaped your stocks.
Well good for you! But don’t come back.
‘Cause now that door is locked.


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