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Summer 2015

Bit late, I know. I knew it was going to be; I had other posts to do that I wanted to do before this one, and I am something of a procrastinator, but I think it could have been worse.

Anyway, I’ll get on with it now. Photos from the summer.

First, a wander through the village of Bank Newton and along its stretch of canal, with its many locks. I’ve never seen so many locks, you’ll be approaching one and another one will come into view beyond it. I haven’t uploaded pictures of all the different ones, just the photos I liked best, but you can what I mean in some of them:

Bank Newton 1Bank Newton 3

Bank Newton 4Bank Newton 5Bank Newton 6Bank Newton 7Bank Newton 8

Next, a walk between the towns of Earby and Foulridge.

Across the Fields 1Salterforth 1Salterforth 2Across the Fields 2PeekReflectionBetween Salterforth and Foulridge, LancashireReady to JumpHeronCanal at Foulridge

A random pair of ducks and a random pair of horses:


Barden Bridge, and the River Wharfe nearby:

Barden BridgeRiver Wharfe 2

A wander around Ball Grove Park and then across to Wycoller:

Ball Grove Park 1Ball Grove Park 2Ball Grove Park 3Ball Grove Park 4BenchThrough the Fields

Spent a few days in Salford Quays:

Salford Quays 1Salford Quays 2Salford Quays 3Salford Quays 4On the Water 1On the Water 2

And here’s some pictures of a nice spot which I forget the location of. If I ever knew it, I didn’t drive there, and I’m very bad at working out where different places are in relation to eachother. I was in the car with my father once and he drove through a number of the little villages I know, and I was actually surprised at how close they all were to eachother. I think in my mind they all just existed in their own little vacuums. So yeah, I don’t really know where this is, but it was nice:

By the RoadRiver BendFlow Away

Photos taken above and around the town of Earby:

Buttercup FieldsEarby BeckAround Earby 1Around Earby 2Around Earby 3Earby Old Grammar School


Pinhaw 5GrousePinhaw 6Pinhaw 7Pinhaw 8

And Grass Wood and more of the River Wharfe, and also a butterfly:

Grass Wood 2Grass Wood 1Wharfe Near Grass WoodAcross the StonesButterfly

And that’s my photos from the summer, excluding holidays, which get their own posts. As always, thanks for taking a look.


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