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Blackpool Photos

Like the title says, here’s some pictures from my break in Blackpool.

First, Blackpool Tower and the Comedy Carpet:

Blackpool Tower

Comedy Carpet 1

Comedy Carpet 2

Pictures taken of and from Central Pier. We went wandering about in the evenings, and I’m not a particularly brilliant¬†photographer and as much as I like my camera, it is only one for people like me who do this for their own amusement. What I’m getting at is that these photos aren’t very good. But I wanted to put some from the wanders up anyway.

Blackpool Central Pier 1Blackpool Central Pier 2Blackpool Central Pier 3Blackpool From Central Pier 1Blackpool From Central Pier 2Blackpool From Central Pier 3Blackpool From Central Pier 4

Some more from the front:

Around Blackpool 3Blackpool Tram LinesBlackpool Tram

And a couple more from around the town:

Around Blackpool 1Around Blackpool 2

Pictures from Blackpool Tower:

View From Blackpool Tower 4View From Blackpool Tower 3View From Blackpool Tower 2View From Blackpool Tower 1View From Blackpool Tower 5View From Blackpool Tower 6View From Blackpool Tower 7View From Blackpool Tower 8

And just a couple I took at the higher bit, beyond the viewpoint level:

Blackpool Tower 2Blackpool Tower 1

A few from the Sealife Centre:

LobsterStarfishRaySeahorse 2

And I’ve saved the zoo photos till last because I feel that pictures taken of beautiful animals will always have something going for them, even if they’re not the best pictures ever (although I am pretty pleased with some of them). It was a sunny day too, so that helped me.

Anyway, animals:

Tigers 1
I had no idea there was a second tiger hiding in that bush, so it made me jump when they decided to have a brief scrap.

Tigers 2//

OttersMeerkatGiraffes 1Giraffes 2Giraffes 3Capybara 1Capybara 2TapirOrangutan 2SealionFlamingos 1Flamingos 2Red Panda 1Red Panda 2Zebra 1Zebra 2Penguin 2Penguin 3Penguins 3ReindeerPelicans 1Pelicans 2Wolves 1Wolves 2ElephantElephant 2Camels 1Camels 2

And that’s it. I feel timewise that I am due a writing post, but I’ve got to do two more picture posts preferably before the end of the month – which I admit, with my timekeeping when it comes to blogging isn’t that likely. But I’ve got the Summer photos post due, and I said I’d do one on my drawing progress every four months and that time has come. And I have actually got got a couple more posts added to the ones I want to do, but I don’t think it’s much of an issue if I delay those ones a little.

Anyway, thanks for looking, I hope my photos were reasonably nice to look through.


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