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Very shortly after returning from Cayton Bay, we went to Blackpool for a few days. I have a tendency towards buying a few too many little cheap ornaments and keyrings and magnets and stuff, so this was a good place for me to go. Well, it wasn’t in a sense, because I have a bit of a problem and a finite amount of spaces in my room where I can put all this stuff. But in another sense, I really like buying tat. At least it’s not an expensive shopping addiction.

Me and my mum went up Blackpool Tower. I’m a bit scared of heights, but I’m scared of a lot of things, so I can’t really use that as a reason not to do things too often. I think getting a camera helped with the fear of heights. I go places I might not otherwise have gone so that I can get more pictures. Plus, if you’re going somewhere famous for its tower, I think I at the least am the kind of person who would be annoyed at myself if I didn’t go up said tower.

Here are my feet on the glass, because I felt like posting proof about this thing no-one actually cares about.

It wasn’t too bad, actually, the elevator was the worst bit. You could see out and down at one point, there was some work going on. But it wasn’t so bad. When I’m in or on tall structures, I’m often worried they’ll fall over, but it’s very sturdy looking. I mean, obviously a big tower open to the public is going to be secure, I know that logically, but it looks that way. The work that was going on was also reassuring; again, logically you know it’s going to be properly maintained, but actually seeing it going on was… well, reassuring.

I went on the bit of glass floor up there. I wasn’t initially going to, but then there were little kids merrily wandering across it, so I’d have felt like a proper wimp if I hadn’t. Weirdly, I was more bothered by the glass wall than the floor bit, I’m not sure what kind of logic that is on my mind’s part.

We went to the Sea Life Centre there too. Because, again, child in the family, and animals are always worth seeing.

And that’s why we went to the zoo. And I don’t know if it was the nice weather or just the time of day, but the animals were on the whole more lively than they usually have been when I’ve gone to zoos. Some of the ones which you never actually see were out. Proving you do see them sometimes, but I think readers will probably know what I mean. Some animals just don’t seem to come out much, and fair enough on them, but it was a nice surprise seering some I didn’t expect. And there were quite a number of young ones, which is always a bonus. Animals are cute, baby animals are even cuter.

Blackpool from Central Pier.

And plenty of random wanders around Blackpool. Round the shops – the tat shops and some of the chain stores that are there. We walked along the Central Pier a couple of the evenings. Just relaxed, really.

So yeah, some photos coming up. Hopefully I’ll manage that sooner rather than later, since after that I now have three more posts to do, and that’s not counting the writing post I ought to do at some point, since it’s been a while since I did one.

I really ought to be more efficient. That’s all I can really say on that. Well, thanks for giving my blog a look.


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