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Cayton Bay Holiday – Photos

I really ought to have put this up sooner. I have no excuse when I have four or five more posts lined up/due.

Oh well. Guess I’ll do this now.

First off, Cayton Bay, the beach itself and the surrounding area. There’s rather a lot of these.

Around Cayton Bay 1

FlowerCayton Bay Clifftops 1Cayton Bay Clifftops 2Cayton Bay 1Cayton Bay 2Cayton Bay 3Cayton Bay 4Cayton Bay 5Cayton Bay 6Cayton Bay Pillbox 1Cayton Bay Pillbox 2Cayton Bay 7Cayton Bay Pillbox 3Cayton Bay 8Cayton Bay Pillbox 4Around Cayton Bay 3Around Cayton Bay 4Around Cayton Bay 5Cayton Bay 9Cayton Bay Pillbox 5Cayton Bay Pillbox 6Cayton Bay Pillbox 7Cayton Bay Pillbox 8Cayton Bay 10Cayton Bay 11Cayton Bay 12Cayton Bay 13Cayton Bay 14Cayton Bay 15

Next, some pictures of Filey. There are a lot less of these ones. We didn’t spend very much time in Filey this time.

Filey 6Filey 5Filey 4Filey 3Filey 1

Scarborough Sealife Centre. I can’t get very many decent pictures in Sealife Centres due to the lighting. Not a complaint or anything, I don’t think my hobby is more important than giving the animals the right environment, but just to explain why most are from the outdoor section. Not that those ones are brilliant either, but decent enough to put up, I feel. It’s all animals.

SeahorseSeals 2Seals 1PenguinPenguins 2Penguins 1Jellyfish

And Scarborough Castle.

Scarborough Castle EntranceScarborough Castle 2Scarborough Castle Keep 5Scarborough Castle 1Scarborough Castle Keep 4Scarborough Castle Keep 3Scarborough Castle Keep 2View From Scarborough Castle 2Scarborough Castle Keep 1View From Scarborough Castle 1

And some pictures taken wandering around the coast, and one from walking up to the castle.

Scarborough 1Scarborough 2Scarborough 3Scarborough 4Scarborough 5Scarborough 6Scarborough 7Scarborough 8Scarborough 9Scarborough 10

And finally, Robin Hood’s Bay:

Robin Hood's Bay 1Robin Hood's Bay 2Robin Hood's Bay 3Robin Hood's Bay 4Robin Hood's Bay 5Robin Hood's Bay 6Robin Hood's Bay 7Robin Hood's Bay 8//




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