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Spring 2015

This is a bit later than it probably ought to have been, but… will, here’s a selection of photos I took during Spring, in no particular order.

First, some from the village of Burnsall, and some taken wandering along the river from there.Burnsall 1Burnsall 2

Burnsall 3Loup ScarWharfe Near Burnsall 1Wharfe Near Burnsall 2

Walking between Rylstone and Hetton:

Walking to Hetton 2Walking to Hetton 1Tree 1

Pictures of and from Sutton Pinnacle:

Sutton Pinnacle 3Sutton Pinnacle 2Looking DownDistant Cowling Pinnacle

A walk to Jubilee Tower:

Farnhill Moor 1Farnhill Moor 2Farnhill Pinnacle 4Farnhill Pinnacle 5Farnhill Moor 3

And one to Rylstone Cross:

Going UpGateRylstone Cross 1Rylstone Cross 2Coming Down

Whitworth Park in Manchester, including shots of Whitworth Art Gallery:

Whitworth Park 1Whitworth Park 2Whitworth Park 3Whitworth Park 4Whitworth Art Gallery


Come Along ChildrenFamilies 2Families 1Looking at me?

And a couple of flower pictures:


Wandering round the village of Ripley:

Ripley 1Ripley 2

And to finish, random:

Along the CanalPath AwayPinhaw 4Gargrave 1

Thank you for looking.


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