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Winter 2014/2015

Seasonly photo post time. I don’t seem to have as many ones I want to upload this time, but there’s a few. First, Sawley Abbey, I had a wander round there one morning:

Sawley Abbey 4

Sawley Abbey 5

Sawley Abbey 6

Walked/ran to Wycoller from Ball Grove Park a couple of times, got some pictures along the way, some of the hall, and once walked up to the Wycoller Atom, which is one of a series of structures made across east Lancashire to be modern landmarks. Panopticons, they called the project. Got some pictures of that and of the area up there.


Wycoller Hall 4

Above Wycoller

Wycoller Atom 1

Wycoller Atom 2

A bit of snow in the village of Draughton:


Road into Draughton

Walked up Pinhaw, which had managed to get pretty covered:

Pinhaw 1

Pinhaw 2

Pinhaw Summit 1

Pinhaw 3

Down the Road

And a little wander round Bolton Abbey Priory:

Bolton Abbey Priory 3

Bolton Abbey Priory 4

Bolton Abbey Priory 5

And that’s it. This is my first attempt at linking my photos in from Flickr here, so I hope it’s gone OK. Thanks for looking.


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