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Scrapbook 2014

I’ve decided to do another post on what I consider to be the improvement in my drawing, except this time I’m not going to use them as decoration and examples for a wordy blog post, I’m just going to post them up. I’ll be using pictures from across last year. I draw a fair amount, and I never share them. I stick some of them in a scrapbook so I can see my own progress – which is where I’ll be getting pictures from for her – but I hardly ever show them to anyone else.

So why not? Even if my drawing is terrible (and I know at least some of it is), what harm could it do? I think I’ve had a noticeable improvement, at least. I may still not be any good – I really don’t know actually. I know no-one would ever pay me to draw for them, but I don’t know if I’m bad. And I say that because some of the pictures from early last year look like deformed monstrosities to me now, but at the time I must have thought they were at least OK – I might put something I’m not completely happy with in the scrapbook, but if it’s really bad I just crumple it up and throw it away. So what looks decent to me now, may in fact be an assault to the eyeballs of anyone who isn’t me.

All of these pictures are just people, by the way. Characters from my stories. I can’t draw rooms and buildings very well, or landscapes at all. I think I could possibly, if I practice. I can draw animals and plants from a reference, but those don’t go in my scrapbook so they’re not dated, and also I feel weird sharing pictures I copied from photos, unless I myself took the photo.

But I’ll try with those ones a bit more, maybe. I think I’ll do some more drawing posts throughout the year – not every month or every other month. If I was a better artist, then I could do that, but as it is, I think I should stick to just sometimes. Maybe every four months? That wouldn’t be overdoing it, I don’t think.

Also, in future posts of this nature, the names given to the characters in the captions may have changed. I wanted to be able to put something down, but not all of these characters actually have names yet. I’m not actively working on all their stories, most are just swimming in my head, so if I have a difficult time picking a name for a character in one such story, it’s not really a priority, and thus I can have made up a character ages ago who still doesn’t have a name. But again, I wanted to put something, so for those characters I just put what I currently feel is most likely to be the name I pick. It’s not really important, what I’m putting here are just pictures, and as I say, most of these are from stories that are just in my head, not actually writing, but I thought I’d mention it.

Anyway. That’s rather a lot of writing for a post that was suppose to be pictures. I wish I found it so easy to write when doing an all text post. Anyway, on to the drawings.

Amias - February/May/November
Amias – February/May/November
Amber - February/April/May/August
Amber – February/April/May/August
Amber - March/May/July/November/December
Amber – March/May/July/November/December
Charlie - May/July/August/October/December
Charlie – May/July/August/October/December
Alexandra - June/September/December
Alexandra – June/September/December
Amias & Giselle - April/July/October
Amias & Giselle – April/July/October
Jethro - March/July/October
Jethro – March/July/October
Jason - February/July
Jason – February/July
Diah - February/June/October/December
Diah – February/June/October/December
Diah - March/July/October
Diah – March/July/October
Leigh - May/July/October
Leigh – May/July/October
Lauren - January/June/October/November
Lauren – January/June/October/November
Laura - May/August/September/October/November/December
Laura – May/August/September/October/November/December
Stephen - January/October
Stephen – January/October
Chastity - March/April/May/August/September
Chastity – March/April/May/August/September
Chastity - January/November
Chastity – January/November
Becky - March/July
Becky – March/July
Astrid - July/September/November
Astrid – July/September/November

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