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Holiday photos post! This time from a trip to Tenerife in December 2012.

We stayed in TenBel, so here’s some pictures taken in the town:


DSCF4607 DSCF4681

DSCF4650 DSCF4645 DSCF4620 DSCF4613DSCF4703DSCF4811DSCF4801DSCF4799DSCF4768DSCF4727DSCF4726DSCF4720DSCF4707DSCF4839DSCF4883DSCF4882DSCF4863DSCF4843DSCF4842

And, for the sake of splitting them up a bit, here are some from when we went on walks slightly out of the town:

DSCF4210 DSCF4243 DSCF4239 DSCF4235 DSCF4214

DSCF4827 DSCF4836 DSCF4828

We visited Loro Parque, so here are some animals:

DSCF4284 DSCF4429 DSCF4427 DSCF4425 DSCF4420 DSCF4409 DSCF4401 DSCF4399 DSCF4395 DSCF4391 DSCF4376 DSCF4364 DSCF4353 DSCF4345 DSCF4337 DSCF4331 DSCF4329 DSCF4319 DSCF4308

And another trip to see Mount Teide, a dormant volcano. Got the cable car up, so here’s some pictures of and from Mount Teide, and one of the cable car and the car park:

DSCF4445 DSCF4483 DSCF4477 DSCF4470 DSCF4463 DSCF4460 DSCF4454

When I’m doing this, I add in several photos at once, and they always come out in the most random order. Still, the order doesn’t really matter too much, I’m just sharing the photos.

We had a couple more stops on that trip, while we were in that area. We were dropped at some rock formations, which I know probably have names, but I’m having trouble finding them. But of course, I took plenty of pictures while wandering around there.

DSCF4492 DSCF4534 DSCF4532 DSCF4517 DSCF4511 DSCF4505 DSCF4500 DSCF4498 DSCF4494

Another stop was so we could have a look at hardened lava:

DSCF4545 DSCF4585 DSCF4584 DSCF4574 DSCF4567

And there was one random stop from which I have one more random picture. I don’t really know where this is, we were in a little shop/cafe, this was the view.


And that’s my pictures of Tenerife. Thanks for looking, I hope my photos were somewhat worth it.


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