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Borough of Scarborough

I wasn’t sure what to call this post. We stayed at Cayton Bay, but we didn’t really look around that bit much. Went for a couple of small walks, but that was it. And we visited Scarborough, Whitby and Filey, so this seemed like the best title. We went there last July. I’ve been trying to do this post for a few days, but WordPress was playing up on me in regards to uploading photos, but it’s doing it now.

So, Cayton Bay:

Cayton Bay 4

Cayton Bay 1

Cayton Bay 9

Cayton Bay 8

Cayton Bay 7

Cayton Bay 6

Cayton Bay 5

Cayton Bay 2

Cayton Bay 3

A couple of pictures from Filey:

Filey 1

Filey 2

OK, we didn’t do a lot in Filey. We did go to Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park though, so here’s some pictures from there:

Filey Animals 1

Filey Animals 9

Filey Animals 8

Filey Animals 7

Filey Animals 6

Filey Animals 5

Filey Animals 4

Filey Animals 3

To be honest, the same goes for Scarborough. We went to the Sealife Centre there. I couldn’t get very good pictures in there, but I gave it my best shot, so here are some where you can see what I was trying to photograph, because some of them you just can’t.

Sealife 1

Sealife 7

Sealife 6

Sealife 5

Sealife 4

Sealife 3

Sealife 2

And I did get some pictures of Scarborough outside here:

Scarborough 1

Scarborough 3

Scarborough 2

And we went to Whitby:

Whitby 1

Whitby 3

Whitby 2

Whitby 4

That last picture was taken while climbing the 199 steps, and I did go to see the abbey.

Whitby 5

Whitby 10

Whitby 9

Whitby 8

Whitby 7

Whitby 6

I love ruins, so I’m glad we got to go and do that.

So yes, thank you for looking, I hope people liked at least some of these photos.


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