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Pendle Hill


Climbed Pendle Hill the other day. It’s a hill I’ve climbed plenty of times over my life. It’s not a big hill, but it’s a good walk.
Before I give my usual rubbish non-description of the walk though, I want to explain Pendle Hill’s name, simple because I find it amusing.

So first off, the first part, ‘Pen’. That is from the ancient British word for ‘hill’. It’s common in hills in the north of England, some have completely Cumbric names (Cumbric being an extinct Celtic language that was likely really just a dialect of Welsh, spoken across quite a bit of the north of England). ‘Dle’ comes from Old English; it was ‘hyll’, but got smushed in with the ‘Pen’. So, when people apparently just forgot that the name of the hill was Hillhill, they added another hill, making it Hillhill Hill. That’s the kind of stupid thing I find amusing, and now you’ve had an insight into what my sense of humour is like, I shall get on with my post.

So, as I say, Pendle Hill isn’t a very big hill, but the walk is a bit of a slog, the way we usually do it. This time we did actually cheat, we parked so that we just had a short walk to the last bit, the big mount at the top. It is still a bit winding though. There are steps, which makes it easier, but there are a lot of them, and going up them all does take it out of you. You don’t have to go up the steps. There’s two set ways to the top if you come in from the direction we do, splitting off from the path going to that bit; the steps are on the right, on the left there’s a normal path which isn’t as steep. We go down by the path. We saw some people taking a different route up the middle on our way down, but those are the two ways you’re supposed to go.


So we went up the steps, and then there’s a bit of a walk over to the summit. Not a big walk, it’s just one of those hills with a very flat top. It was windy up there. I need a new walking coat, my buttons won’t click together anymore, and the velcro fasteners aren’t very strong. I’m alright with this, I wear good, thick jumpers anyway, so I don’t get cold. But when it was windy up there, I just had this strange, vague image of my coat coming open and acting as a sail as the wind lifted me off the hill.

Yeah. That’s what goes on in my head. Anyway, now I’ve admitted to these strange thoughts, I… don’t have a lot more to say. You get to the top, you walk along it to the summit, then we carried on to come down the path on the left, back to the where the path splits. You can do laps if you like.

So yes, Pendle Hill. I’ve been up it plenty of times in my life, it’s a familiar walk to me. I must not have been up for a couple of years, though, as this was the first time I had my camera with me. So it was good to do it again.



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