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Morecambe Bay

First off, this is my tenth post. I feel like that is somehow an accomplishment, even though it really isn’t. But I feel that, now, I’ve created enough content that if I were to suddenly stop blogging (which I’ve no intentions of doing), there would at least be enough for any random person who stumbled upon this blog to… I don’t know, spend some time reading?

I’d also like to thank everyone who has liked, commented or followed so far. It makes me really happy when the little square up on the top right is yellow when I log in. So thank you all!

Anyway. I said I would do posts of photos from various holidays I’ve been on over the last couple of years – that’s when I got my camera, so that’s the backlog I have. It will just be photos, and I have my diaries to remind me what everything is. So, this post will have photos from my holiday to the village of Silverdale, which is on Morecambe Bay, last August.

So, to begin with, pictures I took around Silverdale. The beach:



The cove:

DSCF9193 DSCF9227

And here is a clock that was in the village.


One day we walked through the woods up to the Silverdale Pepperpot, then on to Arnside Tower, and back through the woods.


On another day we climbed Arnside Knot:

DSCF8515 DSCF8535 DSCF8548 DSCF8566 DSCF8593 DSCF8597

Went into Morecambe too, just… just because, really, we weren’t there to do anything in particular.

DSCF9301 DSCF9323 DSCF9324 DSCF9326 DSCF9327 DSCF9333

And, finally (in this post, I’m not really putting these events in any real order), pictures from the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis. I took pictures of pretty much all the animals, although I’m only putting up a selection of the pictures that are either better and/or show my favourite animals. The snow leopards are the big attraction there, and I couldn’t get a very good picture at all, but they’re still snow leopards, so I’m putting one up here.


DSCF8878 DSCF8887 DSCF8916 DSCF8927 DSCF9029 DSCF8940 DSCF8951 DSCF8987 DSCF9007 DSCF9012

The highlights for me were the baby meerkats – because look at them, they are ridiculously adorable – and the lemurs, because they were in a little building you could go into with them, so they were leaping around us. Those ants were also pretty amazing to watch in action; they had this pretty long bit of rope set up that they had to carry their bits of leaf up and along to get back to the colony.

Anyway, that was my holiday along Morecambe Bay. I will continue to go backwards through my holidays, but that won’t be the next post I do, and probably not the next but one either. Thank you for looking at my blog.


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