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Lanzorote Photos

I know I already did a post on my trip to Lanzorote, but it only had a couple of pictures in, so I thought why not do a post just for photos. There are worse things I could be doing with this blog, and at least it’s a beautiful place to see pictures of, even if mine aren’t the greatest. So yeah, let’s do that! I have loads of pictures of different places, different holidays I’ve been on, so this could be something I do semi-regularly. Just go back through all the breaks I’ve been on between getting a camera and starting this blog.

Or, to be honest, I don’t think I have the concentration span to do a blog sticking mostly to one sort of thing, so the only way I can keep this going is to diversify my content. But why not?

First, where we stayed, Puerto Del Carmen:



We decided to make a spectacle of ourselves by hiring this out one of the days, and went in the direction of the airport.





And pictures from the tour we went on. First, Los Hervideros:


The main volcanic area:


One of the vineyards:


Some cats hung around the hotel, so I took some pictures of some of them.


And here are two birds and a lizard:


And I’m done, that’s just some of the pictures from my holiday. Thanks for looking.


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