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Jubilee Tower

I like this shot, but it makes the day look way gloomier than it actually was

I went on a walk up to Jubilee Tower a few days ago. It is, despite the name, an obelisk, although looking this up further it seems the correct name is Farnhill Pinnacle. I’m going to carry on calling it Jubilee Tower though, even if it’s not the official name, and frankly makes very little sense as a name, because that’s the name I know it by.

It was built, as the name does at least suggest, for a jubilee, Queen Victoria’s fiftieth jubilee to be precise. I’ve checked that, because I don’t want to be spouting incorrect facts, but it’s all there to work out. There are a lot of engravings on the rocks near it, of various monarchical milestones. So while the tower part is incorrect, ‘Jubilee’ is an extremely fitting name for the thing. It’s been restored a few times over the years, too.

This bench is right in front of the ‘tower’, this is the view you get

It’s a nice walk. You’ll be seeing that word a lot here. ‘Nice’. You may have seen it already. I aspire to be an author, but my descriptions are somewhat lacking. I will try to do better. But nice is a good word, so I’ll probably still use it a fair bit. There’s some great views as you’re walking along, looking out over the landscape. I don’t appreciate stuff like that as much as I should because I go on a lot of walks, and I always have done, but this is a beautiful part of the country. ‘This’ being the general area in which I live.

It’s a place where you’ll usually see a few other people around, but it’s never crowded, not when I’ve been there anyway. We were up there alone for a good while. And you can stay up for a while, it’s a nice place to sit and relax, and there’s all the engravings in the stones to find.

That’s all I’ve got really. I think I’ll do some more walking posts. Even if it’s places I’ve not been to recently, there’s places I go to enough that I ought to be able to write about them easily.


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