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I was on holiday in Lanzorote in December. Over a month ago. But I’ll write about it anyway because it’s something vaguely interesting I did.

Not that interesting, really. It was just a standard holiday, doing standard tourist stuff, but there’s nothing wrong with that. So I did do interesting stuff, but the same interesting stuff everyone else does, but that’s why everyone does it of course.

I won’t give a full account, I’ll just write about the interesting parts. We stayed in Puerto Del Carmen. It’s a big place, packed to bursting with touristy shops, which was fine with me, because I love that sort of stuff, little trinkets, candles and keyrings and stuff. Cheap things, because I never have a lot of money, and I’ve always preferred having lots of different cheap things to one expensive thing. There are exceptions, but that’s how I am generally.

One of the beaches at Puerto Del Carmen, had to walk a fair way to get here from where we were staying.

For extra buying opportunity, my mother and I went on a trip to Teguise market. We were told by the coach guy we should try to barter, because it was that kind of market. However, we are British, and the thought of bartering is an alien, terrifying thing to us. So I think we both just thought “You know what? I’d rather pay too much”. Although when we got there, there were prices on things and they were actually not unreasonable. Possibly some people do get it down further, but even without the terror of it, I think I’d have felt bad attempting to barter?

I had fun. I didn’t buy a lot there, but I wouldn’t have whatever. I think a lot even about buying cheap things, usually. Yeah, I know I said I buy lots of things, but that’s from the holiday overall. We went to the market quite early in our week there, so I had limited how much I would let myself spend. And I do think about everything I buy, which makes how tacky most of it is frankly baffling.

We went on one of the tours too. I forget exactly which one, but it took us through the volcano areas, the place where they all are and you’re not allowed outside the bus. That was weird, not the not getting out of the bus bit, but the bit where you’d look out across this desolate landscape and just see another bus in the sort-of-distance, and absolutely no other sign of humanity. Except the road, of course. And it probably wasn’t really weird, I just found it so.


It wasn’t completely desolate, actually. It was almost desolate, but there was a bit of plant life to be seen, which was pretty cool considering the place was apparently just bombarded with volcano blasts. I seem to recall seeing at least one small tree in addition to the more missable things. I’v always liked seeing nature’s ability to recover. Usually it’s from man made things, but it recovers just as well from itself too.

Nature doesn’t get all the praise though. We went back to this town which wasn’t in the bit where no-one’s allowed (obviously), but it was still clearly a place that was badly affected. A lot of the island was really, small island, lots of volcanoes, you couldn’t really escape it. And we saw the vineyards, dug into the ash, there was a taster session for the wine but I don’t like the taste of alcohol so I didn’t go for it.

So yeah. I went on holiday over a month ago. This is about as interesting as my life gets. My first attempts to post photos here, may not be great.


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