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I’m Writing a Book!

Yes, I am writing a book, several, if I’m honest. but that’s not what this post is about. I’m the kind of writer who snaps their notebook closed or minimises the window when people come up to me when I’m writing. I don’t like going into detail about what I’m creating.

Hi, by the way. First post. I was going to do a proper introduction, but it felt awkward, so I thought, there’s an ‘about’ section, why not just go straight into the proper posts?

So, as I say, I am an aspiring author. I have wanted to be one since I was about… ten? That was the age when I first had the thought that “Hey, I love writing and making up stories, why don’t I do it for a living?”. So that’s been my goal ever since. A goal I know I share with many others.

That’s something I learnt quite quickly. Everyone, at some point or another, wants to write a book, and many keep on at it. When I was at school, a couple of times I said “Oh yeah, I’m gonna be an author”, thinking I was pretty special for this, only for the other person to come back with “Yeah, me too!”, and then turn out to have finished more stories than me, or have better planned out books. So I quickly realised that no, writing a lot did not make me special.

I’m mentioning this because I get the impression that some people think that young people writing is quite rare. If you ever see a bit in a local newspaper about a teen author, it will begin with “While most teens are hanging out with their mates, [ ] was writing”. And even if it’s not the author themselves who said that, I find that off putting, because I know there’s a good chance that some of the people hanging out with their mates were also writing at other times.

Why am I bringing this up? Not to disparage, not to put anybody down. Writing is a good thing to do, finishing a story is something to be proud of, but it’s a pride that many more people than some may think get to feel.

And sometimes, people who get criticism for their work may respond with “could you better?”, or “what have you written then?”. Those are terrible responses to begin with; I could never make a film, but I reserve the right to criticise a bad one. But there’s also always the possibility that the critic has written something, that they simply haven’t shared yet, and also it might be better, or it might not, or it might be the same, but who knows?

So yeah. Be proud of your accomplishments, but don’t assume you’re unique in them. Because while we are all unique, interests like writing tend to be shared by massive numbers of people, and someone who doesn’t know you won’t see the uniqueness of your particular writing journey.

My first blog post! I’m terrified to post it, I feel a little pretentious, but I wanted to give blogging a shot, so I’m going to, and I feel I should throw myself in or I’ll never do any proper entries. And if I’m going to be a writer I can’t be afraid to share my writing. I do not consider myself an authority on matters of writing, to be clear, these are just some of my thoughts.


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